Planetary Interaction Error

The Planetary Menu Option on the left is not showing anymore.
I can’t edit the extractor to run a new program.

When trying to edit the extractor, it then shows

Time to Depletion:
Inactive (Edit Mode)

An unexpected error occurred while loading the bug report form. Please try again later.

Try again

(the above is is what I got after trying to review my report)

I also forgot to mention that this is occuring on the TQ server, and I have tested it on the Singularity Test server and the left menu option is there, although my Test account was copied as an Alpha while Omega.

There was no bug, the menu was simply minimized on my end, however, I did not minimize it.
Dazzystar on Twitch informed me how to expand that menu back up again after I mentioned it to him.

I remember this well. I have confused myself more than once with that system!

Problem exists between keyboard and chair.

Sure, but it was not mine.!
Someone else was kind enough to explain to me how to fix it from my end though.

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