Planetary Resource slider is stuck too far right

Moved right side slider, all the way to the right and it basically out of the planetary “Build/Scan” module. So now I cannot get it to slide back to the left, cursor never turns to an arrow on it, stays on the 4-way to move the planet around. Is there a way to reset the PI?

ESC, Reset Settings tab, Clear all settings.

Pain in the…now everything has to be set back up. Bug report submitted, hopefully no one else has to do this.

Same problem here, on all my 10 accounts and 21 alts… Nothing else to do apart clearing all settings? Resetting all my bois is far more than a pain in the arse…

Ok, no need… you can shrink the bar with the left arrow, click on the bar and drag the whole bar where the pointer can again select the right arrow… Will leave this here for the next with the same problem! :slight_smile:


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