Planning and Adviser Services - FREE

I’m a professional project planner, and I’m offering my services and skills (free of charge) to help EVE online players create a plan to accomplish their goals.

"Wait, what?"

Yes I know, that seems weird. But as many of you know, EVE online is not just some regular first person shooter or linear game. From the new player looking to start their own corporation to coalition leaders leading a war to carve out their own sovereignty, it takes a little more than just simple pew pewing.

Having a plan around a goal and steps toward accomplishing them can go a long way for anything you want to accomplish in this game. The hard part is putting that together in an effective and logical manner. That’s where I come in.

"Okay so… You’d help me do what?”

Short version: I help you make a plan.

This is how it works.

You have an idea, an endstate, a vision for what you want. This can be anything, from making your own corporation, coming up with a plan to move into wormhole space, creating a station, and even planning to create a new empire. What I do is listen to you, write everything down, then build a plan for how you would go about achieving those goals. The type of plan varies on what you want to achieve. Some of those things can look like:

  • A business plan
  • A project plan
  • Organizational and reporting structure
  • Establishment of divisions with particular purposes
  • Military Strategy plans and conduct
  • Manufacturing plans

Again, I learn what you want to achieve, then I take that information and make a list of steps and plans for you to use as a guide toward what you want. Then I act as an outside adviser for reference and help advise you along as you execute your plan.

This is an example of what I provided for my last corp.

Here is another example of a standing operations order I created for an Ice Mining Expedition.

”You’re super weird. Why are you doing this?”

Everyone has that tallent/fix in their head. The kind of thing that a person is really good at doing and needs to do it on a daily basis in order to feel fulfilled. Like a musically inclined violinist who needs practice every day, or an artist skill in painting who only feels at home with a paint brush in their hands.

Unfortunately, my useless skill is in planning instead of something beautiful like the violin or painting. And in my current predicament, I don’t have enough things to plan (not anything that is as complicated as I’d like, anyways).

So the short answer is: I’m good at planning and I enjoy it.

”That sounds boring. You’d rather plan than actually play Eve?”

Boring to you, super fun for me.

I used to play Eve actively, and I have a long history with playing on-again off-again. Right now I’m off (and it looks to be permanent) due to the amount of time I’m at work and that I don’t have the amount of free time needed to play the game how I want. However, I know enough about how the game works, its mechanics, and the politics for creating an effective plan that makes sense.

In a way, this is me getting to play the game without actually playing it. I still want to be involved with Eve in some way, and I like being able to contribute to the community. It’s also great practice for me for making different kinds of plans for people based on their need.

”Why should I trust you?”

Another valid question, since you can never 100% trust anyone in Eve.

But you can take solace in knowing that 1) I’m not an active player, 2) I have an interest in keeping your plans confidential because I want to be able to help more people and 3) I’d rather see your plan succeed because it means that the plan worked.

I also have a great deal of real life professional skills that make me more than qualified as a person to plan, to trust, and for real working knowledge on military strategy. They are as follows:

  • Myers Briggs: INTJ
  • Degree in business managment
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Former Marine Logistics Officer
  • Active manufacturing management experience
  • Former Military Foreign Adviser
  • 6,000 recorded hours in managing complex projects and programs

”Okay fine, I’m interested. What next?”

Send me an EVE mail in game. I have the EVE portal application on my phone, so I can read and respond to Evemail when I receive it. We can then start discussing what you want to accomplish and set a meeting time through your prefered means of communication.

”This sounds expensive. How Much is it?”

Consult is free, and more than likely the entire plan I put together for you will be free as well. Again, this is my version of being able to play EVE and I like doing it. However, depending on how detailed the plans are and the time involved in making them, a price in ISK might be in order. Mostly so that you have a vested interest to understand the value of the time I put in. This is all negotiable and based on what you need.

Looking forward to helping any and all of you that come forward. Fly safe.



sent you a mail in game

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Bumping once again. Looking for more clients to take on. Services are still free at this time until I am over capacity.

I am interested in a buisness plan, are u available

Sounds excellent. Please send me a message in game and we can get started. I have time available to help you.

Still open for business.

Is this a service you can provide to startups?

Are u still available?

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