Planning to unsub have a C3 with an Astrahus online and fueled free to a good home

I have played since 2012 but the game has gotten to pay to win for me. If you are interested in a C3 with a null static let me know the structure is fitted and has 30 days of fuel. I also have a fleet of ships that come with it. Its free CCP has beaten me. I am going to find a game where the developers listen to the people who pay their bills. Good luck folks.


I’ve played almost a year and am about to go omega.
I am not sure what a c3 with null static is, but would find out if you were to gift your stuff to me.
I am only getting into eve, but there is so much still to see and do.
Thank you
This is not my main, I have another account i keep my things on.
Can’t be to careful:)
No sense your hard earned stuff rust away, I would value it as you did,
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I think you would need a bit more time in eve before jumping into a wormhole. I am looking for someone with some idea what they are getting into.

lol, I understand:)
Please keep me in mind for other stuff that may help a newbie.
I gotta dream, right:)

Would you mind contracting me one of the ships?

Just store the important stuff somewhere safe and take a break. You gain nothing by burning bridges: if don’t come back then it doesn’t matter anyway but if you would come back you’d have a nest egg to help you get started again.


Sorry to hear the experience has degraded that significantly for you.

I’m with Zane and would recommend taking things down and mothballing in an NPC station if possible, or looking for a buyer for the deployed assets to give yourself and ISK nest egg should you decide to come back in the future.

If you absolutely do not want to have the chance to come back, perhaps check in with a group like EVE Scout Wormhole Rescue to see if they can leverage the assets in their support efforts, or go out with a bang and coordinate a going-boom bash with an NPSI fleet.


Come back and let us know when you find this mystical land!


I’ll be happy to take your stuff for you, feel free to contact me and we can hash it out.

Ill take anything thats going.

I can pick up any Vexors you have available. Or a marauder. I hear those are cool!

ill take… whatever

You can do more to aggravate CCP by keeping your stuff. Pack it up in HS like I did mine. I got lucky by having it where the trigs didn’t go. CCP will always want you back. The more you have packed away, the better.

Why? Dead advertisement in it for them. We have this great game with billions of isk! The part they wont tell you is it’s all locked away in un subbed accts! Not true, but still a good anti CCP angle.

Best of luck!

@Mordred_Atavuli It’s gotten that bad for you?
I hope you find that game.
Best of luck to you!

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And if your really determined to end it all. Sell it off and give it to plex for good, Mike’s school bus, something more noble than beggar’s… Just saying.


He can’t just sell it off - it is stuck in a somewhat difficult to access wormhole.

Crap, I forgot. I just hate to see anyone leave.

I was going to offer to help him move it all to an NPC station, but I thought that might sound silly.

You I trust with that task. Not many others…

I would have to sub other accts to help.

What does an Astrahus fit in?