Play EVE with Open Source driver and AMD Graphic card

Hi There,

it seems that it’s not really possible to play with linux and a nvidia card with open source driver (MESA). My EVE experience with my computer with nvidia graphic card is :

11 fps with debian 10 + mesa (18) open source driver and the lowest graphic settings in 1920X1080
25 fps with ubuntu 19 + nvidia proprietary and the highest graphic settings in 2560X1440

(9 years old computer but a good one and ssd)

But AMD open source driver mesa seems to works fine, as well as the proprietary driver :

So I would like to have feedback from EVE players with open source driver and AMD graphic card : which AMD cards give the best result ? I have found a second hand RADEON RX 580 at the corner of the street which wait for me (and the end of the confinement).

Just a side note: to my observation the most limiting factor on old computers is the CPU. Switching down EVE from DX11 to DX9 raises frame rate on my computer easily by factor two and more.


I used EVE on Ubuntu 18.04 with with HWE and mesa upgrades:

Working fine, 60 fps (monitor limit).

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