(Player, Corp, Alliance) Names mutually exclusive

Dear CSM,

I’ve been trying to create a Corp for one of my alts. In doing so I’ve encountered a “name already taken” error even though I could not find a Corporation already using it but only another player.

Thinking that I’ve encountered a Bug, I created a Ticket and learned that indeed all the Game Objects mentioned above are sharing the same exclusive table, meaning that if a Player is named “Bob” there can be neither a Corp nor a Alliance with the same name.

My personal opinion is, that different game objects should not share the same naming table as they are distinguishable from each other.

Another approach can be that strict exclusivity would be less problematic if reclaiming or “garbage collection” of longtime inactive game objects would happen after a set amount of time which should be adequately communicated and graciously deadlined.

I had a productive and friendly talk with GM Aragog which I’m very thankful for. They suggested that I should post this here so that it can be discussed and potentially put to the attention of the right pipelines.

I’d be very happy to hear your thoughts about this and am aware that it is probably in the lower part of backlog improvement requests. I wanted to honor Aragogs suggestion however and put this up for discussion here.

Thank you for your time and best wishes
Khacia Fides o7

May i introduce you the the " . " ?


Fair point (pun intended).
However, not everybody is a friend of special characters and other additions that don’t belong there.
Also this post is not about “There is no workaround” but rather about discussing that different game objects should probably not share mutually exclusivity for names.