Player encrypted containers (war chest) [concept]

hi all, so I was combing through the new skill que display for eve and have been poking through my skills and i came up with a concept for something which i don’t believe was ever intergrated into the game.

this feature was the “war chest” and honestly I thought about how new modern mechanics which could be used to revamp the concept and give it a possible new breathe of fresh air, however this is just a concept

for this concept to work there would need to be a change in how the racial encryption method skills work, instead of just being used for invention of blueprints, they can now also be used to encrypt and seal containers.

I am aware that there are password safe containers that exisit within the game, however I personally think we should do away with this and allow people with encryption methods to encrypt and seal containers.

I’d like to openly admit now that i’m not sure even how the concept of the war chest would even be intergrated or was even origonally planned to, however I’d like to put up my thoughts purely a concept.

it is my understanding that when a structure becomes under attack it, that at a certain point the asset safety feature is no longer useable.

with this in mind, should you find yourself in a situation where you cannot move your assets out of the structure, via hauler or asset safety, you could theoretically utilise a structure’s “war chest”

the concept of the war chest would be a final attempt to protect assets from within a structure.

I personally would think giving all players an “opt in” feature for this would be great, this way if you don’t opt in, whatever loot drops, drops as normal. if you’ve opted in some of your assets will drop, but be protected by the the war chest.

a player would likely have to be given a hard cap of a set amount of m3
(naturally things like, titans, supers, capitals, etc would not be permited to be stored.)

when the war chest is encrypted it could quite easily have a key for it, in my mind this is similar to the key’s generated in bank robbing, due to the complexity of this, only one war chest per corp / alliance will be permitted.

this would be an important factor because given there is actually a Key the defending alliance can actually go and retrieve their goods and recouperate some of their war effort instead of just taking a hard loss.

the war chest will anchor on grid and be there for 30 days before despawning

instead of just being able to loot the container though, people will now have to hack the container to gain access to the loot.

typically when hacking containers if you fail, the container will despawn, in the case of the war chest, perhaps it can cause some kind of “feed back” and just deal damage to the hacking ship rather than despawn, enough to go “OUCH, that sucked!” but not enough to actually destroy you.

if you a pilot were to fail the hack that pilot cannot hack it again for 15 minutes perhaps even 30 minutes.

Your understanding is wrong since asset safety literally happens when the structure blows up (unless it’s abandoned). This basically just reads as “delete asset safety for all structures” since if your citadel just exploded you’re probably not able to hold grid.

Im game. shouldn’t have been added to begin with.

isn’t that only if it’s fitted with a quantum core though?

that would be the (unless abandoned) part

i thought an abandonded structure was only when it was out of fuel for 1 week?

oh well, either way was an over sight on my part, i guess this thread is redundant now based off of that in terms of the examples to go along with the concept.

however perhaps this will spark interest for someone and something good, productive and benefical to the community comes of it.

This is correct.

Quantum cores are required to finish anchoring a structure. But some structures that were already anchored before their introduction didn’t need one. Instead those structures had services denied until they have a core installed (including tethering).

I’m not 100% sure if a lack of quantum core affects asset safety.

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