Player own station

iv have to set up a new profile as the one that the old ceo setup stop working after they left now the problem am getting is that it wont let me save after adding profiles to the market tab you click on the save after adding and when you try to leave the market tab it says You have unsaved changes in the current profile.
Do you want to navigate from it?
so i cant add and save anything in the tab all so i have two of etch of the tabs showen in pic![profile1|690x425](upload://g8YcSeMAaQpfKkiSKvL6D4O6hK6.jpeg)

Did you manage to find a solution to this issue?

Yeah must been a bug after the last patch it sorted it self out

Seems i got the same problem.

When i set a new acces list for docking,compressing,… i puch on save and when i wanna close it i got also that message thats i have unchange save in here.
I did try it avout 20 time on serval days but even then its not working.

Its frustrating.

CCP fixs this.

Also i did send a bug report and even no anser.

I notice that it’s still doing the other day

I found anotter way to change it so its okay here.

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