Player run event idea: treasure hunt

I’m thinking of trying to design and run an event that would be a form of a treasure hunt. Audit log secure containers would be anchored in places and the first entry in the log would be a password. The password is a cypher that lets you open up a puzzle or riddle on an external webpage, which once solved, gives you a clue as to where the next secure container is. Also, the containers themselves have valuable items in them as a reward to whoever the first person to open a container is.

So the way the game is played is you scan down an event container, enter the password (the first container wouldn’t have a password), use that to do a puzzle, go on the to the next container. The first person to solve the whole thing gets a reward in the form of the last container having a lot of valuable stuff in it.

What do you guys think, fun event or would you not do this?

you’d have to do one container at a time… because whoever gets to it first would clear it out.

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