Players should be able to Change their Graphics setting before they actually Log In

When a game is installed on a new PC, it logs in with full graphics settings. This is fine for high-performance PCs, but for older systems, it takes too long to log in because the system requires more time to process the high graphics. Therefore, there should be an option to set lower graphics settings before logging in through the launcher. Like For Really Old PC’s Like 10/12-year-old that I have It Too Near 5 Mints Just to login because I reinstalled the game and it started with full graphics settings. But it Would Work Fine on Lower Graphics. Well, the problem is for little number of player’s base since in today’s world very few use such old Pc/Laptop.

The issue isn’t limited to the first login; if I attempt to log in again with full graphics, it will still take a considerable amount of time. However, anyone with an older PC would typically know to reduce their graphics settings after the initial experience. So why not let players decide their graphics settings in another way before login.