Different graphic settings between multiple clients?

Sometimes I multibox 4 accounts, It’s possible to make each client run with different graphic settings? I want 3 of them running with low graphics and one with high but I think I’m missing something because every time I log in I have to do this manually at each account because the client doesn’t “save” the setup, It just put all clients in the same settings of the last account to log out.


jup its possible, you have to set up an second Profile uner the setting from the launcher.
Normaly there is only the default Profile for the client.

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Yeah, click on the gear icon next to your account name, and then click on manage profiles. If you create a new profile, it will reset all client settings to default. Thus, I recommend copying your existing profile, and then renaming it. Then assign profiles to your characters as desired.

It’s also convenient if an account has alts used for different things. So, if you use different graphics settings and/or overviews, you can easily change them by switching profiles.

Of course, I really wish you could change profiles without having to relog, but it gets the job done.

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