Please CCP can i get a schedule a real one

thanks CCP i get a schedule but i cannot put a task to repeat every 2 days for exemple ( like pi head forage ). because if i put it in my book i will forget after hours… i need to do business but i can tel ;->

I don’t think PI should be automated any further and become even more passive than it already is.

If you cannot log in and reset your extractor heads every two days, perhaps do it once every week or two weeks?

Yes, lower effort means lower payouts, but that’s a fair tradeoff.

If I misinterpreted your issue, and the issue is that you cannot remember resetting the extractor heads every X days, why not set a reminder in your agenda?


agenda irl or in game ?

you like my joke

this is an another one : wich advanced war ship (expensive one) is get a bonus tractor pelle, a bonus that kip "sheat " on this board ?
is not a mtu : is not a noctis : is ???

you win 100 M isk if you find !

ok 150 M isk for the first one and 75 M isk for the second and 30 M isk for the last one !

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