PI Implants, again...!

Another go at PI-implants.

Since CPU&powergrid implants are not possible since what will happen with your colonies when you switch to another clone which doesn’t have these installed, I realised another possible style for PI implants:
Make PI implants that increase the speed of the 3 levels of factories by 7.5, 10 and 12.5% or so.

3 levels of implants for the 3 factory types, and maybe 3 implants that increase the amount of raw resources pulled out with the start of a new cycle?

That means when a new extractor or factory cycle starts and your clone is wearing any of these implants, then these bonuses apply. Is your present clone without these implants then you get the standard times (and amounts)

Does this make any sense to anyone?

Permacrab 4-ever,

Truly yours and thank you!

This is also exploitable, and your clone’s skills do not make sense as controlling the factories in this manner.

Exploitable how?. And the skills just make the same sense like plugging in a CPU implant increasing your CPU amount for the ships you fly. What is the difference here in your opinion?

Your pod is in your ship. You are directly and continuously in contact with that ship. There’s your CPU difference.

Now, let’s say we’ve got some large scale factory planets, a PI clone and a rating clone. We start our factories, swap to the ratting clone in the player base, rat till the next major set of cycles, hit the station, flip to PI clone for 30s, flip back to ratting clone using same station trick. Rinse, repeat, benefit from 2 clones at nearly 100%.

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OK I see, but you seriously think people are going to set a timer and then each time fly back to station, change pods, then change back again and after the next timer again. But maybe you are right then again, this is eve.

Actually, when someone is this serious about winning in EVE, as to set timers for when to change your pod according to your extractor and/or factory cycles (which probably are going to have different timings over god knows how many planets, factories with various cycle times and extractors) maybe they deserve this extra reward and as such this behaviour should not be considered exploit at all but the highest form of utmost dedication?

Profit vs. Effort.
If it is worth it, it will be done.

And it violates the other general effects of implants.

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Yes I understand, but I mean do you run planets and how many? I run 18 ATM and wouldn’t even dream of trying so synchronise these all so I can plan when to step in and out of an extra pod.

I run 0 now. My high point was close to 300 planet instances, though with pure production on the same planet as my extraction was via alts. think I was at 130 extraction instances, with the rest for very optimizied production right on 48 hour cycles.

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With that many, you wouldn’t need to. You would always have one ready.

Respect, but then It would make sense to just stay in the PI-implant pod eternally? I don’t think this is going to be a matter of serious abuse, but that is ofcourse only my personal opinion.

Nah, I was actually doing things with those toons that hard REQUIRED implants to do.

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