Please close

Great mining support char, pretty much everything need to earn isk right away

Positive wallet.
Positive sec status.
No kill rights.
All CCP Rules apply

Starting Bid: 12b
I’ll accept any suitable offers

Very relatable character, its got two thumbs just like your mum!

Daily bump

8b bid

Looking for more sorry Teran, its a good character!
Thanks for the bump

Daily Bumpity bump

Daily bump

Bump for a xmas mining toon

This character still for sale ?

I offer 10b isk and im ready to pay.

I withdraw my offer

@Two_Thumbed_Jack 9b buy offer

11 Bil Isk buyout offer. I am aussie TZ so that will affect my reply time of day etc. Just FYI.

Sorry Sally, been away for the holidays, NZ time zone, I’ll accept the 11b offer if your still interested

Will send isk and account name through in the next couple hours. Just on my way home from work. Replied to your in game mail.

Isk Sent and Account name mailed.

Just logging in now mate

Isk received thank you

I think I need to pause the training…

Transfer complete to mailed account