Rage -
Can Fly Hulk and do most industrial task was on my way to train for Rorqual and produce t2 indy ships but i gave up.

788,000 Unallocated SP

No kill Rights, No jump Clones, Located in High Sec, No Money in Wallet.

Want the best offer possible.



do you have a price in mind? 8bil?

10-12bill is ok for me - rage’s alt

bump. again

Could offer 8.5B


Might be able to squeeze up to 9, but there are a few to many skill holes for me to go higher. Ex, can sit in a hulk, but can’t use T2 mining lasers

9bil is good

9.5B B/O

sold for 9.5b/o

Sorry, purchased something else. Offer retracted.


still interested at 8 ready to buy mail ingame too

I’ve managed to procure more ISK because I really want this pilot :slight_smile: . I can do 8.5 now.

Auction Cancelled/Toon Sold.

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