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I couldn’t get this one working. What was I doing wrong? I know it’s something to do with the sentries.

Can you do Wyrmslayer in a Barghest?

That’s debatable. The warp speed is much faster on the Barghest but with a burst of the 500 mn micro a carrier can warp in 10s (with nomads) making the align time the same if you’re just over 9s. Also the carriers have double or even quadruple the dps so they’re completing the sites faster. The carrier could also potentially jump if it has to. You win on Rogue Spy though. That’s one of the best missions and it’s a shame it can’t be done in a carrier.

That mission does not have sentrys. You can also only do the gallente and amarr version of it, other has missiles that hit at 400km. The trick is to use a microwarpdrive and kite the freighters.

Here is the caldari one, but that does no longer work since CCP messed something with the aggromechanic back in 2019. But for the amarr and caldari just MJD out and burn to 250km

Thats Molden Heat, right?
It should be quite, but you will have Ivana and other mean groups next to you. Thats fine, so be careful with neutrals in your systems.

Yes, there arent many L5 agents, so expect most hubs to be camped by pirates. Its one of the downsides, if you want good income.

The way I cash in the LP is use a different station from the one I mission at. Use the agent finder to find agents from the lvl 5 corp you work for. Find one that’s closest to Jita, or wherever you plan on selling your items. Then I plant my alt in Jita and my lvl 5 toon at the LP store station. I open LP Store - Return on ISK and cross check the Fuzzwork value against buy quantities in Jita. Then it’s basically back and forth, buying tags at jita, or regular ammo, or whatever, bringing them to the LP store, cashing in 2-4 mil LP per run until I can’t stand it anymore. I usually create some sell orders as well to make a bit more isk–this can make a huge difference.

Unfortunately you can’t send LP to your alts so when you cash in you will have to move both your main toon and your puller. Moving LP between characters is one of the most requested features among lvl 5ers that I’ve met. The cashing in part sucks. I have 4 faction pullers and if they’re all loaded up and I want to cash them all in, I’m looking at an all day affair, so I try to spread it out and do one toon at a time.

There should be plenty of mostly empty systems to run lvl 5s in. Plug the name of each system into zkillboard and scour the kills there for carrier or barghest kills. Go sit in the systems with the most potential for a while and get a feel for the vibe.

As far as Geography, it doesn’t have to be in a completely dead end system. It could be on a route as long as it’s not a busy one. The closer to highsec the better because you will probably be red frogging in supply shipments at some point. One thing that matters as much as system location is the stations therein and the stations in the neighboring systems that the agent sends you to. Large docking rings are better. Then there’s the consideration of being within 14 au of the gate. If you are within 14 au of the gate you can switch between dram and carrier/barghest more quickly but your asset will also be visible on D scan to would-be hunters. IMO the ideal station is 15 au from gate and has a bigass docking ring like this sweet baby:

There are many lvl 5 agents that aren’t in FW space. Start there. Go with whatever is closest to highsec, while being FW free, low traffic in general, and not already occupied by bad guys.


Thanks again… slowly building a database of knowledge (slowly).
Thanks for the message in game too!

I have a question on standings which I was going to start another thread but this thread is practically an instrctuion manual how why/how to move thus though it may be best here.

QUESTIONS: How to raise FACTION standing quickly

  • Quickest way to do the above
  • Realistically how many hours (very approximately) we are talking about going from zero to 7.00+
  • Realistically how many hours (very approximately) we are talking about going from 5.00 to 7.00+
  • I have access to Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar L4 agents - if that makes a difference

I’m trying to increase my allocation of L5 agents. I’m limited at the moment to one Corporations worth and one Factions worth. Thus my overall choice isn’t where I want it.

Faction A:

  • The Strong corporation (9.00) standing allows L4 agents
  • Weak Faction standing limits me to just the above
  • This is 2.51 (from 1.08 before socials)

Faction B:

  • Decent Faction standing at 5.71
  • Access to L4 agents

Faction C:

  • Weak Faction standing (can’t even find it)
  • Strong Corporation Standings for two corps @ 8.25 & 6.33

I think I’m covered on Faction C as I have access to two corporations worth of L5 Agents and I think increasing it will not offer me any more L5 agents.

To be honest I can’t quite work out how my standings are working as my Corps that are good have bad faction. My factions that are good have bad corps… I imagine FW created this somehow.

It takes like 12 hours to go from 0-7 if you spend some isk, probably a bit longer if you want to do it without spending isk. 5-7 takes like 10 of those 12 hours.

First you have Data centers - EVE University Wiki

They’re the fastest and most expensive way to get standing.

Then you have COSMOS - EVE University Wiki

Which have great standing increases but can only be done once.

Then there’s epic arc, FW missions, storyline missions, etc. Data Centers and Cosmos should get you there though.

For the faction I think Gal/Min have better rewards and missions, Caldari Navy has the benefit of having an LP store in Jita, and Amarr seems to be the worst of the four.

As far as which corp to work for, choose a station based on geography, sec status (sec status influences bounty and isk rewards), and safety, and go with whatever corp that is. Eventually you will get enough faction standing to be able to do 5s for two factions, Gal/Min or Cal/Amarr.

Once you start completing missions make sure you do the storyline missions as they come up. They give absurd amounts of faction standing, though it can’t be shared across characters.

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Nullsec ratting gives far less isk than lvl 5 missions. Especially since CCP added the dynamic bounty thing. But income still depends on the region you want to move in. But what could give a lot of isk are burner missions in pirate space.

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Typically people are referring to the anomalies when they talk about isk making in nullsec. When you own sov you can basically upgrade the system to spawn more of these sites and have them spawn consistently. There’s also the new ESS/dynamic bounty system Gustav mentioned which influences the bounty rewards. Systems with people grinding see the bounty modifier drop; empty systems see it rise. Part of the isk goes into a private bank and part of it goes into a public one that anyone can steal from. So it’s a whole ecosystem of crabbing and bank heists and pvp.

You can make good isk doing the anomalies, particularly the havens. I think I remember hearing 300m ish… not sure, it’s been like 7 years since I lived out there. I think it’s how most people make isk outside of highsec. The nice thing is the isk goes into your wallet instead of having to cash it in. So it’s certainly more convenient.

To run the anoms most people join a nullsec alliance or renter corp. Being in a sov group gives you pretty much an infinite supply of the sites. They also spawn in NPC null (non-sov) but they do so randomly and they aren’t consistent.

Other forms of null ratting include belt ratting which is pretty ■■■■ unless you’re either new or you’re hunting big game like officers–which is a whole art form that very few players do. There’s also lvl 4 missions in null some of which offer amazing rewards but are often in highly contested areas. There’s the pirate factions which have their own LP stores with dank rewards like pirates ships and the like. There’s also the, I’m not sure what to call them–2nd tier pirates? For example Intaki Syndicate & Thukker Tribe that offer missions in nullsec and their rewards are somewhere in between high sec lvl 4s, and pirate lvl 4s.

If you’re trying to avoid hassle, the obvious thing to do is join a null bloc. They have their own markets, logistics, etc. If you’re trying to stay solo or stay off the beaten path you could look into NPC null, but then you have to deal with your own logistics in getting what you need in and out of there. I will say regions like Stain have their own unique ecosystem that is quite different from sov null or lowsec.

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