Level 5 Missioning in Carriers?

From the past I’ve heard of carrier missioning and what not, but I’m actually interested in this. All the posts about Carrier Missioning are kind outdated and I’m wondering if anyone would like to fill me in on how to properly Lvl5 Carrier mission run.

Its easy,

  1. Buy a carrier

  2. Fly it to a lv5 mission agent system.

  3. Speak to the agent for a mission,

  4. Complete mission.

  5. Profit?

or just use eve survival.


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It’s an investment, but consider placing a carrier in every system where your mission agent could send you. Then just use a fast ship to travel between systems. That way, you minimize the chance of gate camp.


-have two characters
-buy 3 carriers and put one in each system the agent sends you
-buy 2 dramiel to jump between systems
-buy 7.0 faction standing on both characters
-the old guides aren’t out of date, the missions haven’t changed
-check local and don’t die to pirates
-use nomad implants

Here is a fairly recent video. I been looking into the same thing. Fly safe!

Dumb question, why a dramiel?

Dramiels are really fast.

But in this case, I would recommend a propulsion mode hecate over the dramiel due to the < 1s align time. Fit hyperspatial rigs for some really fast warping around.

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