Low Sec / Level 5 / PVP / Multi-Toon / Ship Advice

So I’ve played EVE off and on, but mostly PVE and get bored with the HS or Null safety net.

I’ve been playing in Low Sec “PVE” and worked up to Level 5 missions.

I suck at PVP, but have 6 characters I can play with. I thought I was safe with that many toons running Gila’s UNTIL TODAY.

A VARGUR cruised in my mission (first room done, Gila’s all passive fit with 400 dps) and I couldn’t break his tank with 6 Gila’s, and stayed long enough to lose 2 ships to at least give it a shot and bailed once I realized I’d lose them all.

I enjoy the Low Sec thrill and want to stay doing it.


What ship would you suggest I skill into to best put up a show with PVP and still run the level 5 missions (not blitz them). I don’t want to run from these solo small gang PVP situations as I travel, but rather just fight or die (too a point).

Thanks for the help…

Why wouldnt you blitz them? Running them normally shouldnt be better than doing lvl 4s with less risk.

Even the best PvPers cant really manage 6 toons in Subcaps. Id say most people cant manage more than 2. So you would propably loose against 4 real players, cause they make less mistakes.
You also need to complete lvl 5 missions, which need a really special fit for them. If your fit is good for Lvl 5s, it wont be good for PvP.
Most people that got the balls to engage you in lvl 5 missions know exactly what they are doing, so if they attack you, they are propably ready for a fight. Here is a list with stuff that could surprise them:

  • A fleet of Rattels has a stupid amount of tank and dmg, but they could just drop carriers.
  • A cloaky Bahlgorn should help you break every active tanked guy. Have it cloaked outside of the gate. If somebody slides in you just warp to the gate, and follow him, while the Gilas start the fight.
  • An Interceptor that stopps everybody from sliding into your gate, this way you get more time to escape.
  • Use your Dscan. If you see combat probes, warp away.

You could start using a fleet of MJD ravens to blitz missions. They are hard to hold down and cost less.

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Thanks for responding.

I’ve thought about the Rattlesnakes and will likely give someone the chance to try and kill them, once I level my game play to actually save the ISK I make. I’m like a child with ADHD switching ships all the time. Trying things out of my league and other random things that lose ISK.

I’m not really interested in the ISK return as much as the fun of it. So I salvage the missions, kill everything, etc… blitzing them to me is like fast forwarding the movie to see the ending. I’m not bored, since it’s Low Sec and a bit more exciting space to play in.

I did check DSCAN if I felt there was a threat, which use to mean more than three other players, since I’ve been running six toons.

I started training the ALTs to fly the ship that killed them… VARGUR and we’ll see how that plays out. Like you said, it’s very hard to manage all the toons, so I try to fly the same ships with simple fits and heavy tank them.


The simple fact of the matter is that its function will determine how it is to be fit. Ships optimised for PvE will rarely perform well in PvP, and vice versa. It is rarely the case that a single ship, or squadron of ships, can do both well.

I’m familiar with your ‘modus operandi’ as I have done the same with FW missions. Usually in 3 or 4 combat fit cruisers - and baiting the fight is half the fun… But when I’m doing this, I’m doing it with one actual person controlling each ship, and we’re doing it with ships which are actually combat fit for PvP… It just so happens that we’ve got enough overkill with omni-resists, dps, and logi to handle the NPC’s.

In short, I’d note two things. Firstly, if you’re baiting for a fight, then, you’re baiting for a fight - and should therefore fit for purpose. Secondly, PvP is highly dynamic and you’ll not have the capacity to monitor anything more than 1 ship during a PvP engagement… Sorry, that’s just how it is.

So I was able to run the LEVEL 5 mission solo in a Stratios, which took a long time, but was still fun. The cloak let me sneak past the neuts 200k and then the NPC’s came to me one by one and I finished the mission.

Regarding PVP/PVE fits, I understand you’re right and managing multiple toons is hard.
I was hoping for some fit/ship ideas to do both, with enough tank to make mistakes.
It seems that the mission areas aren’t packed with pirates, just one or two at a time with well fit PVP ships. The PVE part of it is very manageable with 6 characters sharing the load.

It seems like I just need to use well fit PVP buffer fit battleship with a lot of DPS each. My Gila’s only had 400 dps each, which is enough to scare away any cruiser, but apparently 2400 DPS isn’t enough to break a well piloted Marauder in time to survive it’s high DPS.

My Gila’s are OP for PVE, but far weaker to Battleships in PVP than I thought.

I think a Vagur can tank up to 5k dps
–> use neuts and it doesnt tank anything. --> cloaky Bahlgorn as backup

I know somebody living in a C5 WH running sites with 3 of them, thats pretty risky, but great income. That could be something for you.

If you have a good mission system, then there are local pirates, that know how to use a covert cyno or WHs. If they need 10 people for blingy killmails, they will get 10 people.

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