Please Delete

Please delete

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I only send advertisements to established clients.

Have you ever been mailed with my offers? No, of course not.

You are in the wrong place.


(emphasis mine)

That sounds like forceful evasive manipulative abusive hostile marketing onto non-consenting players.

When you do this kind of thing in a game, of course we are going to challenge you.

May I remind you of the game terms here EVE Online - Terms of Service - EVE Community

How is that for imagination, ingenuity and determination


You really need to find a better use for your time. I have not and would not ever send you a mail about anything. Kindly go about your business and stop polluting this thread.

Also you really need a lesson in understanding CCP and Eve Online in general…

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I have moved your Thread to the correct Category.
And i am also informing you that we are monitoring this Thread in case of policy violations.

Thank you, what is the correct category if not recruitment? Ah services… :slight_smile:


periodic bump

Seriously find a way to use your time more wisely…

Closing at the polite request of OP

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