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Hi guys,

This toon did not waste any single sp to other gunnery, 8M ALL FOCUSED to projectile guns, check the link yourself. But it has no capital ship skill for now.

At High Sec station, NPC corp, Security Status 0.2, I pay the transfer fee to CCP.

Minmatar Battlecruiser V
Minmatar Battleship V
Minmatar Cruiser V
Minmatar Destroyer V
Minmatar Frigate V
Subsystems for Loki all V

Large Projectile Turret V
Medium Projectile Turret V
Small Projectile Turret V
Gunnery support skills all V
Artillery Specialization S/M/L IV
Autocanon Specialization S/M/L IV

Assault Frigates IV
Heavy Assault Cruisers IV
Interceptors IV
Minmatar Strategic Cruiser IV

Gallente Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship both IV for Pirate Faction ships.

Starting 30b.
Buy out 35b.

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I know pin yin: cou cou ren qi, thank you for the offer.

Will you like adding to 30b for a quick deal?

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