Please delete

(SarnBix) #1

not for sale anymore

(SarnBix) #2

confirming i am for sale

(Mikeli Soth) #3

10Bil ISK ready

(SarnBix) #4

bump pilot is still for sale

(Mikeli Soth) #5

dont interested in the offer?

(SarnBix) #6

i did say 12b start. just the pod itself is worth 2b isk. i might as well extract the character for 10b would get me more money

(Mikeli Soth) #7

okay then GL with selling,
im only interested in the toon dont need the POD with imps :slight_smile:
if you wana sell let me know

(Perpetualed) #8

Extracting will get you just a little less than 5b… you seem to forget to include the cost of extractors :slight_smile:

A shiny pod on a stripped pilot is not much use either.

10b is a good offer, I would take it.

(SarnBix) #9

I did forget the cost of extractors. How forgetful of me :o.

(Mikeli Soth) #10

if you change your mind let me know, im very interested in a new JF pilot for my JF fleet :slight_smile:

(SarnBix) #11

unfortunatly i dont think i can let her go for any less than 13. But if i change my mind i will keep you in mind :slight_smile: maybe im chasing fantasies… but I need the money i love this character and dont wish to part with her i do it out of necesity

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(Josh Shihari) #12

Available to chat in game again?

(SarnBix) #13

you can send a mail

(system) #14

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