Please don't kill me

I am an absolute loser, feel free to check my killboard for reference. I wanted to launch Tama Titty Bar, but the prof filter said no, so Booby Bar is 24h away. Please don’t destroy it, I only wish to make my Jita to Tama supply run a dream. Just in case anyone is nice, thank you…


I hope you do know that you just wrote a death sentence.
Maybe it was your intention from the start… xD


Maybe the gang’s that camp Tama would like supplies delivered directly to them from booby bar you never know :] Scout gather info and contact them directly rather.

Do you have dancers?

To be fair, I might have been a little drunk. I will go and see if it exists, with no hope or dreams. Viva EvE, viva Tama

hehe it lives \o/ Damn I need to pop out, but later it will be fully stocked with all your favorite ladies, or I’ll lose my obe to a T1 frig in the slowest death ever.

Make that a thing.

Stock it with all the dancers you can get.

Dominate the dancer market.

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