CODE. will not be participating in Burn Jita 2019

We were getting prepared for a big celebration, but unfortunately Jason Kusion stole all of the Catalysts we were stockpiling in Perimeter and Isanamo. He shipped them all down to Uedama and insists that Team Kusion is more important than all of Burn Jita. I am very sorry about this, but we are forced to withdraw from the event.

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I dare to say you are alone in this ‘sorry’. So Uedama recent burst of violence is no coincedence… I wonder how long it will last and what impact it will have on dying Dodixie trade.

Dodixie must embrace James, or the embargo will continue.

Embargo is the only thing , that can save Dodixie, IMHO. But not the joke I flew through day before yesterday in Uedama. Couple of Machariels, failed to bump my Orca at the gate is not an embargo. Though I admit, 2000 catalysts and rockie ships lost in 24 hours that day was impressive…
We need entire Uedama shut to make gallente producers come back to Dodixie instead of shipping all they manufacture to Jita…

I am sorry that the embargo did not meet your expectations. We will try harder to ensure there is no commerce between Dodixie and the rest of the galaxy.

:muscle::+1: That would make me satisfied customer.

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You do realize there is this market where you can buy catalysts. It’s called Jita.

Yes, but we are dependent upon donations from the community, and our revenue stream simply isn’t high enough to maintain a two front war. For now, we will have to concentrate upon the situation in Uedama. If you would like to help contribute funds, please send isk to any CODE. agent or directly to James 315. We will try to allocate those funds for the Jita front.

Anybody that gives them money is a fool want to destroy the market but to dumb to buy from said market.

This jimmy 3/10th thing has gone on too long.


However, we will be having a contest in February.

Guys, as noob alfa I would like to say: Dixie is on the same way like Rens and Hek. I do not be surprised, if at least part of players moved theyr chars close to Jita or Amarr, because of possibility to sell loot…
If you want market alive, link it all together and implement delivery system, like it works in WoW, ESO and similar games. And there be less pain in a…e for dev`s regarding distribution bots…

Umm distribution mission bots have nothing to do with hauling to/from markets. :stuck_out_tongue:

And safe delivery of items is the polar opposite of what EVE should be about.

Don’t worry, we will continue to blow up freighters until you bot aspirants stop congregating everything in one spot. We will continue to blow up mission runners and miners until you flee to the most distant reaches of the galaxy. NEW EDEN MUST BURN.

Regulated markets have to die, like USSR did, learn history. And this way pretty soon you will have to fight self alone… No buyers = no market. As for market - check numbers for main hubs,Dixie is as dead as Rens is, and Amarr is next in a row…

Alexa this is sad, play Despacito

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what do you propose ?

People make more money because they are in jita, thus there is more activity in Jita.
If there was a way to make money (not few M per month) in other places then people would go in other places.

My main issue with the market is that we can’t set a “minimum price” to automatically adapt the price - but I’m not sure if this is related.
If I place sell orders in other markets, I’m sure people will cut me out. So why would I wait longer than in jita to sell the same quantity while I can just go in jita and need as much presence to sell my items?

I sell the same items, same prices, same quantities in amarr, hek and jita. I sell more of them in jita whether I actively update them or not. I have minimum 30B SO for each toon(I replace them as they go). Why would I sell them anywhere else? It already costs me to move things to hek. I thought about selling things to dodixie but then I realize I need to fund 30 more SO for a meager benefit.
Also crafting items in Jita IV-4 makes a better benefit, to direct orders, even with the high cost index, even with the 10% minimum margin I use, than I could do in dodixie/hek/rens(amarr is actually very close), just because I can buy things I want directly at a good price.

It’s a different topic , maybe we should ask to split this.

At first: terrorizing trade routes is worst, I can ever imagine.
Trade routes should be secure and fast, I would add shorter HS routes Jita <-> Rens, Dixie <-> Amarr. Theres plenty of marketing tools to make markets alive, like sales tax, brokers fee. Increase or lover them, as necessary. Add bonuses for sales amounts sold in current hubs, do the same for staying in region. There`s a lot of money wasted as player corporation tax, how about to use this money for market stimulation? And so on…

I’m sure you would make a lot of changes to maximize your isk/hr! Don’t worry folks, elite CODE. agents are on the case, making sure that high sec bot aspirants are unable to become wealthy while you are away working hard in low sec, null sec, or your favourite wormhole. Donate isk to me today, and help a high sec miner get out of high sec!!! You also agree to send Chance Ravinne 31 million isk.

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