Bye Bye and Farewell

I am letting all my toons expire and will probably recycle them or maybe keep 1.

As of 12 June, to mark the blissful crap expansion and wasted time in the game, there will be loaded freighters undocking at Jita 4-4 starting after downtime. Min. loot value will be 25b per. So it will be an all day event until I run out of items.

Once that is done, will be doing random deposits to random players per personal preference that find themselves in local.

Fed up with the game and useless expansions, dont want to spend more time in it… But want to leave something to players that will be in Jita on that day…

Toodles :slight_smile:


This is a wonderful way to “go out” with a bang.

Enjoy the daylight!

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Remember that you have no clones outside of EVE

Can you send me a farewell gift, in case I can’t make the party.

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Always a sad state of affairs when a Capsuleer decides to vacate New Eden.

May you have lot’s of luck and much success in your voyage out beyond the cluster…


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So you’re not really leaving. You’re disappointed about the expansion and flailing your arms around in the hopes that CCP notices your malcontent.
Not gonna work.


bumped to In Game Events - EVE Online Forums may there be many explosions.


Don’t forget to extract your skills and hand out the injectors to random noobs and whoever (not in Jita though), don’t let all that exp go to waste. :wink:

i guess bye, ive never understood why people want to go out with a forum post, just leave. no one actually cares


Why celebrate a player destroying their assets in protest of the changes?

This seems very tone deaf, nothing learned from the Summer of Rage ?

If this is the kind of behaviour that is to be encouraged, why not make NPC stations like Jita 4-4 war declarable?

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While I agree whole heartedly with the sentiment, this player has not presented a reasoned argument nor have they posted one in the past.

This player is not enjoying themselves and has decided to discontinue their investment in the game, that is a well reasoned response.

The presentation with which this player has decided to leave is designed to SHOCK and IMPRESS. The problem isn’t that that’s not a reasonable thing to do, reason really has nothing to do with it, it’s a game after all. The problem is that it’s just not that shocking or impressive, it’s essentially missed it’s own mark. And because it’s not that shocking or impressive and has missed the mark it set for itself, it has undermined what might actually be a serious and valid exception to the current state of the game.

Couple that with peoples general satisfaction with the direction that CCP has been heading in since Uprising and your left with a bunch of apathetic and disdainful responses. Seems like a fair trade if you ask me.


What dont you like about the new expansion?

Because destruction, in any form, is good for New Eden.

You’re really scaring them now…

Because the Market is an important component of the game.

Someone want win EVE.

Hey going out with a bang is great o7 may your RL prosper o7

I would suggest not extracting skill points if you want to rather biomass your char, if you decide in 5 years to try eve again you can ask for your character to be unbiomassed but you can never get back the sp you extracted.

If I may ask what about the expansion do you not like?
What where you hoping for?

Imo nullsec was dying out it needed the update badly even thou I’ve always been anti sov-bear, I would prefer my sov-bears happy when I blow up their ships.

I believe the fitting word for this kind of behavior is “drama queen”, are you perhaps a member of Goonswarm?

I wish you well in what ever you do next. Whether it is a different game or just taking more walks outside in the sun.

As a new player I doubt that I will make it to your party. but at the end of your party. And if you want to send me any Isk I assure you I wont turn it down.

Agan best wishes on what ever you do next.