Please make belts like in new events

This is how the belts should look like. With veldspar in outer and mercoxit in the middle stone.
CCPlease make belts awesome.

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Giant belts would be nice everywhere. More time to spend on belt, more resources, more supplies for industry.

Risks of falling and colliding exploading rocks having a risk to miners would be good.

Explorers are at risk of damage at hack sites, why can’t miners be at risk?

This may lead to interesting idea - introducing planetoids which would be at risk of fragmentation that will bump nearby ships on giant distances and possibly cause severe damage on them. Similar kind of risk as in case of mercoxit deadly clouds.

So… no actual risk?

I dont know. Its just an idea. But I assume planetoid that fell apart would propably kill all ships in 5-10km radius instantly and depending on which directions fragments float towards could possibly kill ships up to 40-50km radius. I think it would be fair - giant ore chunk that is extremely worthy combined with risk of having mining fleet destroyed when object falls apart. Of course, people can always use mining frigates that will run away quickly, although these ships have worse mining laser range, so this option should still keep hazardous element.

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You act like that would add a risk reward dynamic when it would actually just break down into a cost benefit analysis.

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Reward in mining planetoids is increased amount of ore mined in a single run, maybe in richer variants (greater share of massive scordite/dense veldspar/fiery kernite, optionally additional ore parts exclusive to planetoids like small amounts of arkonor and bistot in lowsec planetoids and Jaspet/Kernite/Omber fraction in highsec ones). Risk is (suggested % amount) 1-3% of falling apart per every 3 000 m3 mined (adding small/medium/large planetoids small has 1% chance and large - 3%).

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