Please provide a reliable way of launching the game

Almost every time I want to play I need to fight with the launcher for a while. It seems like the “play” button only works at certain times, and if you click it at the wrong time it will put the launcher into a bad state where you need to quit and reopen it to try again. At this point it’s more common for me to get a bunch meaningless red error messages I can’t act on than for the game to start.

From a user perspective I just want a reliable way to launch the game. I don’t mind having to wait a bit if the launcher needs to do things first but having to manually coax it into starting the game every time I want to play is annoying and makes the software feel buggy.

Again, I don’t mind having to wait on startup. What I want is to double click an icon on the desktop and be taken to the game, when it is ready.

The launcher has had a bad rep for being poorly optimized since it came out unfortunately no one at CCP seems to give a damn.I always close it after starting my clients

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