Please share your first EVE ONLINE adrenaline rush!

Mine is actually really short.

I sat at a gate to lowsec, staring at the warning window, sitting in my precious itty. My heart was pounding hard and fast. The itty, by itself and with the cargo inside, was all i’ve had. I needed a toilet break to clear my mind and calm down, i just couldn’t do it. When i got back, i sat down and tried to make myself clear that there’s no point running, it would forever cage me into highsec. I’ve held my breathe, jumped in,


nothing happened.

Extremely relieved i finally calm down, feeling ridiculous about myself. :slight_smile: i’m right-clicking, checking my destination station, when i suddenly realize that i’m just sitting there not knowing how long the cloak timer has counted down already … and my heart gets going again and the rush makes my hands shiver, so i try going through a checklist, starting with dscan to make sure no one’s around, and next i’ve checked loh … empty system.


My first? I don’t remember… That’s at least 14 years past…
But killing Steve, that was something for the pump. Don’t think I’ve ever had that rush again and there were a lot of glorious ones…


My first one was doing SOE and traveling to 0.4 which was mandatory at the time.

I had just bought my first cruiser, selling everything else. Since the mission was not optional, gate was of course camped.

It was a glorious explosion of all my current assets: heart pounding and a good taste of adrenaline.

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When my first destroyer was about to be destroyed by angel npcs scramming and webbing me and I tried to escape. :joy:


My very first adrenaline rush was probably very similar to the OP, can’t remember now. However, my very first memorable adrenaline rush was actually the result of a wardec.

Joined my first player run corp (I was in HS, but wormhole corp). Corp was war-decced. HighSec players were told that the deccers only camped in the vicinity of Jita. Figured I could blend into the crowd by ratting in the Gallente COSMOS constellation… far away from Jita!

I was massacred! The adrenaline rush so high, I can’t remember if I even shot back! :wink:

Completely opened my eyes to the concept that each security area of Eve had unique mechanics. Have since spent years learning the nuances of them all.

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That’s easy to remember because it still happens.

So I had just learned how war declarations work, and had one active. I don’t think I slept that first 24 hours as it was exciting seeking out my targets. I had located a group of Russians that were obviously running mining bot scripts (against the law big time) as I had used a timer to calculate the moves of their Hulks.

I warped in early that morning with a cold beer and saw that lovely flashing red for the first time. Even though I was pretty sure there were no real pilots present, my hand started to shake so badly that I could not hold or operate the mouse.

I fired. I killed every single one of those son of a bitches. Took out the Hulks the Orca, killed the pods.

Waited. Here came another one. Killed it too.

Got an email from them asking in broken english why I did this and enjoyed their complaints about having to build new ships now. I gave them a link to the TOS and they paid the 50 mil ISK I demanded to end the war.

To this day, anytime I see a war legal target my hand starts to shake and I have trouble operating the mouse. No fiction here, total truth.


I remember training up Amarr frigate I about a half hour before the war, fitting lasers on a ship I never flew and going out looking for our foe. Foolish, perhaps, but what a rush.

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My first pvp related adrenaline rush happened back in 2004 on my first character; a caldari toon. I had finished running enough l2s in my cormorant to buy a moa. Damn I was excited to fly that slow, asymmetrically ugly hunk of tritanium. I made may way to low-sec. No gate camp, hooray!
I start to warp around to belts, find some npc rats @ 60 km. Burning toward them with my AB; I don’t have the required skills for a MWD yet. I’ve burned about 15km, a typhoon shows up on grid, about 40 km off of me. 4 seconds later, he is 20 km away, disrupting me, shooting torpedoes at me… all while orbiting at around 5,000 m/sec (stacking penalties on modules had yet to be implemented). Seeing as I was toast, I picked my out-gate and started spamming warp once I hit structure. Didn’t get a “gf” (I don’t think the sentiment existed in eve yet); just what I assumed to be smack talk, since I don’t speak russian. Made it back to my home station. Got back into my cormorant…

Fast forward to 2006; I’ve had Nikea Tiber cooking skills for about 8 months (RIP learning skills). I’m flying battlecruisers- though I’ve got the capital for a BS I’m not buying one yet. I’ve got my harbinger fitted; I’m tired of running L3s. I’ve ratted in provi using a retribution (which only had one mid at the time), and realized how much more isk I could make ratting in null. At the time, Stain was practically uninhabited. Sanshas rats die quickly to lasers, so I decided that I’d go there and just stay undocked for a few months since running out of ammo is impossible when you use tech 1 crystals. I’ve got my harbinger fit as well as my skills allow; 6 meta 4 heavy pulse (one unfit turret slot left), 2 medium NOS (at the time, would drain regardless of cap amount; like the blood raider nos hull bonus), an AB, web, five slot active tank, heatsinks. As I recall, rigs didn’t exist yet.

On my jump from lowsec to null, I hit a gate camp. There is some jubilation in local, apparently they have been waiting here for a while. There are scattered jetcans, luckily I don’t get decloaked. I check my overview. There is a flycatcher (which launches his bubble within a few seconds of gate activation), a stiletto, ares, enyo, jaguar, two rifters, an an incursus. The flycatcher is burning vaguely towards me; I target a celestial it seems to be headed towards, align, and activate my hardeners, prime my web and high slots, and start to target hostiles. I’m webbed and pointed almost immediately; though it is academic as we are all pretty well encapsulated by the warp disruption probe.
The stiletto and flycatcher finish locking first; the stiletto was burning directly towards me, takes a few volleys, explodes. I turn my attention to the flycatcher (worth about 4x the isk of my harby at the time), web it, kill it… I’m elated. My shields are just about gone; activate my rep. I’m worried about this enyo that is just about on top of me- web it, nos it… shoot it. I can tell my nos is working to cap these frigates out; once they lose velocity it is over for them. My reps are catching (only T2 module on my ship), though they are very slowly being overwhelmed. The enyo explodes and my reps seem to be outpacing the incoming damage. The incursus and a rifter explode; the jag has exited the bubble and warped off, I blow the ares up just before it gets out of the bubble. The last rifter successfully makes its escape. I finish cruising out of the bubble; my armor is almost back to 100% I’ve got the post combat shakes so bad I can barely type to reply to “holy ■■■■… gf” and "dude. that tank, though"
I tell them that I haven’t got a warp disruptor, and that their 'dictor pilot is the real MVP.

I continue out into Stain, and stay out there belt ratting, dodging roaming gangs, and making a nice network of safe spots. I finally get killed by two vagabonds and a huginn. I let them pod me since I don’t know about self destruct yet. It is the first time I’ve been in a station in over 6 months. I’m ready to buy my first BS; but as it turns out, I don’t have to. That’s a story for another time, though.


Running PI out of losec in my lowly nereus, crashed through many gatecamps in that ship, took a full hit from a tornado or something similar (I was too busy panicing to register properly :smiley: ) and warped out at ~5% hull as the second salvo passed behind me. Who says running away isn’t PvP!

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My first time intentionally trying to kill a player, I blapped a cyno in lowsec with a moa :stuck_out_tongue:

Another time was moving stuff in a tayra through syndicate earlier in the evening than i shouldve, got caught by a 5 man frigate camp with all of them fielding warp disruptors, so 5 points vs my 4 stabs plus bumping. Well a random incursus jumped the gate a bit later and scared off one of their newbros letting me to finally warp off! The ass ripping that guy got in local by his corp mates was glorious!

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