One year down the Eve Gate. (My first year of Eve)

-First of all, I know the Eve Gate collapsed, I just thought it would be a good title.

-Mainly I thought I share my first year, because in the recent EVE Online trailer, they seem to keep talking about each player’s journey. So here is my first year in EVE, in a nut shell format so people don’t get bored.

-First 8 days (Started as alpha)
So I never joined a newbie corporation like Horde, Brave or Ivy. I sort of wondered around and made isk by venture mining and went straight for my first cruiser. THE BLACKBIRD, I really can’t remember when I got this, but it was really early on. I never ran missions, I’ve never done a level 2, I just felt like venture mining was faster and I could do it afk (met my first CODE agent too!). Anyways, my first ship lost was me flying a Merlin into a low sec, and going to a large site. The venture loss was after the Merlin.
-Reign of Bloode (Still alpha)(Bloode is meant to be spelled like that)(59 days)
So, at this time, I’m thinking, I need a corporation, so I joined one, and It was a nice group of people. Here I was first show exploration, which I started to try, and failed many times at, like nothing good came out of exploring, nothing. Around this time I watched “Clarion Call 4” which inspired me hugely! But, Christmas was coming around so I took a break from the game. When I came back, everyone in my corporation were “prema-afk”. So I thought what to do next, because High sec was getting boring, and watching EVE videos told me great thing about Null Sec so I went looking for a new corporation.

-RT Mining and Industry(REQ) (101 days)(Still alpha, why because I haven’t found a way to make money, so why?)
So, this is when I started dying a lot. So, it took me sometime to get to null, but when I got there, EVE became a whole new game. But, so I venture mined again, and did fast tackle in fleet ops. Here most importantly I learned how to make isk. Half way though, I started to rat in belts with a caracal, making 20mil an hour was huge for me. I had a lot of fun here, but all good things must come to an end. So around this time, TS3 become mandatory if you were in the alliance, which wasn’t a problem for me, but was for a corp mate, one that I was very good friends with. So I start ranting in alliance chat, and end calling the CEO(of the alliance) a douche bag(best choice I ever made), and some other stuff. Anyways, I left the alliance short after. Also, RT(my corp) was closing(RIP Castle).
-Before the Golden Age. (Just omegaed near end of RT)

So I join fuel blocks, tried mining, died while watching the o7 show and gave up. So I left fuel block and trained for incursions (TVP).
-The Golden Age(Where I’m now)

So I started make 250million isk an hour, yea. All, I ready do now is Incursions, mess with High sec npcs, and mass server tests. Sounds boring, but I love it.
-The Future?

I think I might make more isk with TVP? vOv
My CCPlzs,

Make it where Npcs are lockable when their warp is on,(before they even warp off).
Keep up the awesome Npc content, really loving it.
Make an Easter egg that is huge and very hard to find/do. Like taking an left over mission item and putting it in a can across the galaxy which opens a gate to Polaris.
Buff Drakes
Nerf Loki
and have a great Christmas/X-mas!

How I feel after one year!

P.S. sorry for any grammar errors and may ISD Stall have mercy on my post.

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