Please Welcome - "Pan-Intergalatic Business Community""

Hello eve online community,

here is the Asia Map, which I do believe will be closing some day :slight_smile:

The white is the PIBC folks, correct? Surely they have more than 1368 pilots? Are you saying many PIBC are coming to Tranquility server?

If a single one comes to TQ they sure as ■■■■ better start with 500k sp and 100k ISK in a rookie corvette.

If they are dragged and dropped, even simply as characters with SP it would be a large wad of spit in every TQ player’s face.

Nice fear post.

They earned their SP and they should keep it.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


China dont know other ways. We do. I mean I hope we do…

Please defeat Goons. :kissing_heart:

Right, let’s give them their systems they ‘earned’ while we’re at it… They should keep it.

feel stupid yet?

Yes! What a great and fun idea! THIS would create a lot of “content”, right?
Or while we are at removing their earned stuff, why not removing the earned stuff of TQ players, too? Unfair?
Well … wouldn’t be if both servers would simply die and be merged into a brand-new server … and BAM, yay, same starting conditions for everyone. Just rookie ships! And all these new opportunities ahead of everyone!

Sorry - I just couldn’t resist :slight_smile:
But you have to admit, IF you want to have things removed, you can’t just take them away from only one side.

Make this simple for them all, your only allow your sp coming to TQ server. After they can buy and sell injectors and large or small injectors.

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