Plesk for new players give away

To support new players for 2018, once again I am selling cheap plesk to the corporations who partake in this event.

Between January 2 - January 9 I will sell Plesk to those corporations who have participated before to help new players get game time cheaper.

All you need to do is send me an in game message how many your corp needs and I will contract them.

This year the price for one months subscription is 410 million ISK and there will be 100 available.

Michelle Vega
Polaris Project

Can you spell PLEX properly? Thanks.


It’s a scam, you think you’re buying PLEX but he actually is selling something called PLESK. (c;

The OP actually just posted some weird PC setup over in another section. That post was strange too and since OP couldn’t spell PLEX various times i’m going to go out on a limb and call troll on this one…


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410 mil isk with 100 available?
I smell a nuPLEX scam…

Plesk… Perhaps for a new homepage for the corp? But I’m afraid RL-trading is prohibited.

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