PLEX is very expensive right now thread

in your head, yes, but not in the real life wallets of the people who can’t afford. :slight_smile:

Based on your logic, the best course of action is to tell people to simply wait a year to gather up the money before they start playing.

Go tell 'em how to live their lives and now really have a nice day, if you’re actually capable! :slight_smile:

If you can’t afford it, EVE isn’t a product for you. I can’t afford a Ferrari so I don’t try to get one. I could not even afford a super cheap car until really recently so I did not get one even if I was offered credit for it. If you can’t budget money for EVE because your income is too tight, reducing the price of PLEX isn’t the solution. There are cheaper form of entertainment than online subscription games.


this is not a good analogy
ferrari is a specialised product marketed at those that can afford it
they dont rely on selling large numbers of cars
they can make 5 cars and sell each one for 25m to cover their development costs
or they can make 5000 and sell them 250k for a tidy profit

what they wont do is produce 250k cheap cars and sell them for 16k each to reach the widest possible market
thats what fiat is for
so maybe use fiat for your analogy instead of ferrari

i agree. and never said anything about reducing the price for plex. all i did was the above: pointing out, that a long-time sub does not increase affordability. that is all. vOv

you can go on and on about it all you want, yet nothing about it will change. i go back to lurking. vOv

It increase affordability if you can budget your expense. Too bad a lot of poor also can’t budget.

That’s actually been proven to be totally false Frosty. Repeated studies have shown that the poor are more aware of where their money goes than the rich, along with the rich spending far more on things like alcohol & drugs.
You are mistaking a media created correlation with a causation.

I.E. Lets not get onto victim blaming people for being poor shall we…

Especially since it’s not the poor in this thread. It’s a few rich people crying about how the poor have it hard because of plex prices.


If you cant/wont afford PLEX or Sub:
-Change ingame activities
-Play harder
-Play Alpha

Income for most activities ingame has not scaled alongside increases in PLEX price and there is no way around that and the huge isk introduction in some sectors + interference from injectors/SP farms are largely to blame.

You will have to bite the bullet and make a decision.

Mine is to remain Alpha till end of summer and then re-evaluate whether I can re-think/tool/plan my isk generation methods so as to be able to PLEX atleast one account consistently with a reasonable amount of play commitment after max 3 months sub.

If I can do that, I will stay in EVE.
If I cant, I will take an indefinite hiatus until I get a proper EVE itch again or something changes.

Nothing wrong with voicing concerns etc, but its more practical to focus on what you yourself can do and make a plan/decision accordingly.

There is no shame in deciding that EVE is no longer something you want to pay for, or play harder in.

Just about everyone takes a few months/years break from EVE somewhere down the line. Perfectly normal.


I have tried to keep up with this thread for a while, but if you miss a day you have to read a hundred posts.

The thing that most seem to forget is the PLEX was not introduced as a method to play EVE for free, it was a method to combat RMT. At the time it was introduced, the only incentive CCP could use to get people to sell their ISK to other players was to offer them something for free that that player would have already been spending real money on, i.e. a monthly sub.

Looking at it from that perspective, the changes that CCP has made to PLEX lately are not as bad as everyone makes them out as.

First, the splitting of PLEX to nuPLEX. Without that granularity, the best CCP could do was sell you $20 worth of ISK at a time. The RMT could easily come in at half of that value and pick up the people who didn’t need as much ISK or did not want to spend as much USD. By splitting it, they can now offer deals as low as $5.

Second, the artificial increase in demand for PLEX. PLEX can not be used as a medium for RMT if nobody wants to buy it. There would be no reason to buy PLEX over RMT if you can’s sell that PLEX. By increasing the demand, CCP has ensured that there will always be a market for it, and thus can always be a tool to fight RMT.

Lastly, I don’t think that CCP is all too concerned about increasing PLEX prices. For combating RMT, it is actually a good thing, players get more ISK/USD which makes it harder for RMTers to compete. I think the only concerns they would have are sharply falling princes and maybe dramatic decreases in the total amount of available PLEX in game.


Yeah, it did actually bring some fun back into this game

Nonsense. Really poor people have to be good at budgeting, otherwise they will have nothing to eat and no home.

If you can afford bad budgeting, for example wasting money on alcohol and cigarettes, then you are not really poor.

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The really poor person does not have a entertainment section in his budget. His budget is locked on essentials. I’m talking about the poor who can actually pay for EVE but splurge on other items instead and then bitch about EVE costing too much.


I’m not victim blaming. If you are poor and drink soda instead of tap water, that’s where your EVE money is going.

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I would not take the phrase victim blaming seriously anymore. It has been reduced to “By telling me I have to take responsibility for myself, you are victimizing me”. It is the same story throughout history of people not wanting to take responsibility for the choices they make.

(this part isnt aimed at you frosty)

Also plex is a luxury item as others have said. It has become useful for more than just gametime and so it has more value. You people can cry you are poor,what about the poor(we know you are using em as a shield), Ganking is bad, but that will not change that this game is known for its HYPER CAPITALISM and LAWLESSNESS (caps for emphasis).

If you cannot afford 15 dollars a month, do not have the ability to farm the isk, unable to settle for alpha status, or handle undesired pvp, then you do not belong here. This game is simply not for you then. There are other games out there that will fit your gamestyle. Many good games have come out since the early 2000s and the 2 choices are not necessarily WoW or eve. Many of these games are also f2p with no subscription model. Remember this if you do leave though for those games…if you are not the customer, you are the cattle. Also remember that many f2p games with no subscription model are built around the cash shop.

inb4 forum alt, yes because you people can be vindictive and I rather not get my corp involved.


This of course is the truth, and of course you are evil/terrible/ elitest/bigot type person for even thinking it (according to the ‘everyone deserves everything for free and should never ever be killed in a pvp game’ types).

Welcome to the club :grinning:


Due to Sub cost remaining constant and the effects of inflation, subbing has never been cheaper.

As to PLEXing, its the inverse.
Its never been more expensive to PLEX.


sooo there’s a 25% PLEX sale right now? I’m wondering if it’s not market price control as much as it is simply wanting to cash in when the rate is enticing.

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With the new Lucky Clash also happening - I’ll be naive and say that they planned on doing it just for that! :relaxed:


Feel like everyone needs this refresher :smile:

It’s probably as simple as not as many people buying PLEX with real life cash (supply) and too many people buying it with ISK (demand)

Oh and it’s perfectly safe now and you can hoard it all in any inventory window :grin: I suppose that dramatic shift in game design would have some part in it, and splitting it up so anybody can afford to hoard it now


Luckily CCP is smarter than you.

Lets hoard some more PLEX when its cheap! \o/

We can complain later. :smirk:


probably a good idea

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