Plex sale?

Anybody familiar with the historical timing of Plex sales and have a good guess on when the next one might be? I know around Xmas, but I thought I remembered one around Father’s Day (US) last year or the year before.

There is no historical timing of sales.

But there is a history of CCP going hard on sales last year. Plenty of players got hooked up on them and took them for granted. The hangover can be felt as a part of “plex prices are too high” depression - players still wait for new dose of sales so plex supply is low and prices are high.

There is no historical timing of sales.

Not sure I understand your point. Are you saying that no one has a record of when CCP has offered sales on PLEX over the last few years?

No, just that it isn’t in any way regulated.

One just finished, so may be a while until the next, but who knows, they might throw another on tomorrow.

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