Plex4Good Ukraine Charity Auction - Custom Handmade Eve Ship Model

Or the entries could be completed contracts of the donations. No need for the middle man then.

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Posting to confirm the bid is real - I’ve mailed you ingame to talk about it as well.

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If the donation can be made before the bid then mine is 154.000 Plex and it would be a non-curved plane like the eagle, cane or manticore


I’m not planning on handling the Plex for this at all, my idea would be that it should be sent straight to The CCP Plex4Good character and the contract linked to me to confirm that it’s been accepted.

I didn’t set this up to be picky with the rules etc, it’s about maximising donations and offering a reward to whoever is willing to go highest with donations. So while yours was preemptive, in the interests of encouraging other people to try to outbid you, I will call that bid legitimate. Thank you!

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That’s what I’m hoping for too


Upping my bid to 400

ID link is <url=contract:30000142//180193051>PLEX x 400000 (Item Exchange) if anyccp are watching and need to confirm it’s accepted.

Sarum or Crown & Swords skins on that slicer would be baller


Amazing! Thank you so much :smiley: Glad you ended up donating more.

Let’s see what happens over the next few days :smiley:

You Sir have my due respect :slight_smile:


Sadly it has not yet been claimed by CCP. Once it has been, I can send a new picture of it.
edit: claimed now and picture updated


give em two hours or tomorrow… generally its about a day i think that they are accepting the contracts… mine was done last weekend, and it was the following at the same time that it was accepted.

We don’t really have an “anti-snipe” rule, but my intention is that the prior bidder will at least get to acknowledge the new top bid before we close this. @Auran_Glimmer Let me know if you plan on outbidding the new highest of 643,479 PLEX.

@Tinator State your 3 preferred vessels please - if they aren’t possible for me, as mentioned, I will have to let you know asap.


yup I’m in for more (for some reason I didn’t get notified there were new posts in this thread, sorry)

Edit: added more plex to this contract
Edit - 3/22 - plex accepted by CCP

@Tinator pinging you here in case you need to reply to this

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Auran has me beat fair and square, I have nothing more to up the bid with. :slightly_smiling_face:

Make me a catalyst, someone else will pay.

Is that a threat?


Congratulations to Auran Glimmer and thank you to all donors/participants.

I have some plans on ways to make this better ‘next time’, of course, hoping there are no further crises which lead to Plex for Good drives.

Here’s my match funding, still yet to be accepted:

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nice job man :+1:


Is Project Discovery next?

I’m not buying PLEX for anyone but myself.

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i wonder how many $ had they gathered