Pls Delete

Gone pls delete

As soon as they are all in NPC corps I will give you 22b for the lot

Confirm for sale

Confirm for sale

Confirm for sale

Confirm for sale

Not interested in selling below extraction value ty for the offer

Extraction value for them all is currently around 18b

considering i have to pay for character transfer, your offer is still below extraction value

how many for all?

i need 2 big hulk pilote give me your price

if you buy all 4 10b each for 2 11b each

Bump to the top

How much for 1? Just need a barebones one will do

Cant check in game but if you havent, you still need to drop them all to npc corps

they have all been dropped guess esi is just slow

11B for one 10b each if you buy all 4

Bump it up

They are not in an npc corporation

i just checked them all ingame they are idk, since 2 days as well