POCO Configuration

Hey Folks,

I placed some POCOs in J-Space
I got a little problem with the POCO Configuration I checked on “Allow Access with Standing”. Place different Taxes for Blue, ligtht blue, neut etc.
B-= 0%

A Friend withe Blue standing hast to pay 10% Taxrate until I set the Neut taxrate to 0%. I don´t understand why he has to pay the Neut taxrate even if he is blue to me?

Any Ideas?

Probably what your friend is seeing is the NPC tax rate. There is a skill to reduce, but not eliminate, this tax. I think it is charged in all empire space, high and low security, but I haven’t the time to look up and verify all the characteristics of the tax, only to point you in the direction of its existence.

I forgot to say, the POCO is placed in J-Space no Concord Taxrate

Maybe your friend is just blue to you, not to the corp owning the POCO?


Thx, exactly that was my mistake.

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