[Pod & Planet Contest Submission] Reachblades of Chandeille - Broken People and Shattered Dreams

Below is my submission for the Pod & Planet contest “Eight Thousand Suns In New Eden” Category. Located on Fictionpress.com

Return to ancient Chandeille, the ancestral home of the Jin-Mei, and revisit the lone survivor of the Guan Dai School of Martial Arts as she copes with the wrongs that have been forced upon her through her life. This distant and short sequel to the Gold Medal winning Reachblades of Chandeille will hopefully shed some light on the tragic psychology of individuals subjected to the horrors of war at such a young age as our hero Lin was.

Please do enjoy this story, but be warned. The story does have scenes of graphic violence and genuine adult fears will be played on, and while I do not go too far in my own opinion some might find these scenes disconcerting or upsetting.

Reader discretion is advised.

RoC - Broken People and Shattered Dreams

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