POFAP Looking for New and Old pilots that want to PVP LOWSEC USTZ

:angel:PopeSeesYouFapping was an old alt corp, but now is recruiting new and old players that can or want to learn to solo/small gang pvp in low sec space.
Corp plans are to stay small and tight nit with little to no blues.
We have a couple grizzled vets to harden you new bros into competent pvpers. And want more vets to join the ranks to help.
The goal for this corp is to blow ships up and perfect our piloting skill!

-We can help new players with fitting and combat basics.
-Help with logistics getting stuff to current area of operations.
-We will be roaming around looking for fights daily when RL permits.

If you are interested in just simple pvp no BS or politics, or just want to get out into low and learn the ropes come check us out.

Join ingame chat POFAP for more info.


-Discord with working mic.
-Willing to loose fights and come away a better pilot.
-Source of income to support yourself.
-Any sp welcome.

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