Poison Ivy is recruiting

Posion Ivy is a old corp heading into Gallente Faction Warfare with the possibility of expanding beyond.

We are looking to Rebuild, Grow, and Expand.

Looking for all types of players from new to Returning.
Are you wanting a Place to learn and Grow?
Do you need a place to Call home with Guildince and helpful Pilots.

What We Offer

Any other Questions OR Queries Please feel free to Contact Any of the Recruiters For further Infomation

Jump into our Public Channel Posi0n-lounge and come chat.

Happy Hunting

Justice Vosters

Still recruiting old and new pilots alike!

Recruitment is still open.

Hello i am new been just over a week since i started i need a home and someone to show me the ropes. This will be my first corp if i get accepted

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