Polite People. — Casual newbro-friendly high sec group


  • 2 moon mining systems, regular fleets with Orca boosts
  • Casual atmosphere
  • Help for new players

Best ship in Eve is Friendship. Our goal is building a community of like-minded pilots. We are casual players: it’s still the game, just play and have fun!

About US:

  • We help pilots with the basics of Eve
  • We operate in High-sec in Verge Vendor region.
  • We’re doing:
    • Industry - we mine, build, PI and invent, so we can be self-sufficient.
    • (planned) Small scale PvP - we should be able to protect ourselves from gankers. Also we have low-sec and null-sec space nearby.

We provide free skillbooks and starter ships for newbro players.


  • Good English.
  • Be polite inside and outside of corporation.

For details and invite — contact Ivan Sokoloff in game.

P.S.: Please mention “eveforum” code in your application.

#highsec #industry

Will give a free bump to a corp willing to help new players like mine do xD

Shameless plug lvl 5 :smiley:

Bump, we’re recruiting :slight_smile:

We had pretty busy week :slight_smile:

  • Ship loan program implemented.
  • Now we have 22 pilots.

26 pilots, our own discord server, first small scale PvP gang and new ambitious goal! Join to us and have fun :slight_smile:

We’re recruiting!

Just sent you an ingame mail…thanks!! :slight_smile:

Answered to your mail :slight_smile:
Bump, we’re recruiting!

Bump, we’re recruiting :slight_smile:

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