Poll: Paid Name Change

More expensive than the monocle?

They don’t have the guts :slight_smile:

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Ahem. :blush:

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Point conceded :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So far it looks like even though ~61% will not use it, the rest will use multiple renames so on average CCP will sell 1 per customer.

Not a bad return on something they can already do that just needs the UI and NES component developed.

I’ll support name changes if your old name appears in local, the overview, works for character searches and locates, and show info tab and all other database purposes.

But the new name appears on the show info tab like a title.

Reason number 87658943259873658476928564 to remove local.

Seriously really? You need this magic intel crutch sooo bad?

I over estimated you.

Then remove local…

I have another question, so you see a name in local, it never occurs to you that they may have sold the char to someone else?

So i should check the forums everytime a new person enters local?

If the information is readily available at a glance, I’ll use it. If it has to be looked up then it may as well not exist.

See that’s the point. With a real name change it could be something that is readily available and all the history would be retained.

The way it is now, there is no real way of knowing.

For the purpose of keeping track of people a real name change feature would do it better.

No it would not.

‘show info’ is not readily available. The overview is what i consider readily available. If you’re old name is not on there then gtfo.

Simple as.

Yet still not as good as just not allowing name changes.

Which of course is not reality since they already allow it.

Take your head out of the sand.

Then what are you asking for if you already have it?

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