Poll: What Percentage of your Net Worth do you keep in ISK?

I’m curious how much ISK players hold in reserve - maybe as a rainy day fund, to save up for a big purchase, or to provide some liquidity for market opportunities.

If you’d like, also comment your:

  • poll answer
  • what you usually do in game
  • if you’re saving up for something, what you’re planning to buy
  • if your % assets in ISK isn’t where you’d like it to be, your target percentage

Poll: % of your Net Worth in ISK?

  • <1%
  • 1-2%
  • 3-4%
  • 4-5%
  • 5-7%
  • 7-10%
  • 10-15%
  • 15-25%
  • 25-50%
  • 50%+

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  • 7%
  • Mission Running/Mining
  • Saving up for a Procurer
  • I’d like enough to comfortably replace my best ships if I lose them, so I’m thinking of bumping it up to 10%

A tiny percent

Any liquid ISK you have will, much like the real world, be worth less tomorrow than it is today.

lol, nice. Literal drop in the bucket. xD

I’d think that inflation would discourage people from keeping ISK too, but from what I’ve read the purchasing power of players seems to be pretty stable over time, unless there’s been hyperinflation over the past few years. I’m wondering if that changes how players behave, too.

Basically only enough for ammo/drones and some other things as well as enough to be able to easily replace a loss or buy a new toy.

I try to keep as much in Fedos as possible.


Somewhere around 1-2% is kept liquid as a slush fund. 10-20% is kept in assets that can be liquidated fairly quickly if needed (SP for extraction etc) about 40% is in short term investments (things that I expect to flip in 12 months or less) with the rest in more long term investments (BPO’s, Rorquals, incursion ships, SP farming characters etc.)
It might seem like I hold a larger % of net worth in long term investments than most, but thats largely because my accounting system considers EVERYTHING I have, not just my active trading assets.


I responded 50% but that is not quite true.

I self insure.

Which translates into whatever the cost of all the hulls I own plus mods plus drones etc. etc. I put aside 100% of the replacement cost plus 10%.

The rest I spend on whatever catches my fancy.

Ah, thanks for clarifying. I might’ve messed up by lumping everything above 50% into a single category, so I appreciate the breakdown.

As much as possible because items are a pain to move around and thanks to CCP lose or gain value randomly and can be completely devalued in an instant (see last Crimson Havest event or the Christmas event’s ammo boxes).

That’s only half-true. Item,s are not able to be used for exchanges or certain activities. Turning items back into ISK means taxes and fees, which lose me more money than I lose with just keeping as much liquid ISK as possible and as many items as possible and as I need.

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Sounds like someone got burned by having too narrow an investment portfolio.

Try to keep it around 10-12 bil.
99% of a time it is some ammo in a corner of a cargohold of a semi capable ship.
Have no complaints.

I keep enough in ISK to be able to replace some ships.

This. Item prices are WAY more volatile than ISK, and ISK is way more convenient. My trading toon has north of 80% of his assets in ISK.

Although it depends on the toon. My exploration toon is more like 50% cash at the moment — smaller bankroll than my trading toon, and more money invested in ships and equipment.

Most of mine is in ISK so I can spend it as i see fit at the time, Ive enough to replace any of the ships that I have. I dont really do investments although i have some BPOs, but would really consider them investments. PLEX I dont bother with

With a shrinking player base and the uncertainty around what PA are going to do with the game id rather spend the ISK as I need to enjoying myself whilst the servers are still powered on. With all the issues that the game has at the moment it seems that there is little to no will to fix them, so they will milk it for whats it’s worth. Its OK having billions in “investments” in eve but as soon as the game dies (and I am not saying that will be soon) but it will all be pointless.

  • I think I have liquid 6B isk, total over 300 B isk? Dunno, I have a lot of 10/20 bpos, plus many bpcs, If I look at personal net worth it’s already over 100B just in fitted ships,
  • I have two toons for burners, one for mining, a few more for researches. I used more for PI but it’s just not worth the time invested in HS.
  • MOAR BPOS !! I just used 10B from the event in BPOs (and more in injectors since I had the boosters)
  • 0%, I try to get all my isks in BPOs/plex ASAP.

And my isk is saved on a bank alt so I never accidentally click a billion dollar 20,000 isk item marketplace scam by accident. LMAO

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I have maybe 500 bill total liquid.

300 or so in actual things.

I’m actually not exactly sure how much I have though. Lots of supercarriers, jump frighters etc so I’m confident I have at least 300 bill in assets.

I’d love to see a chart that shows the median net worth of EvE characters, with the x-axis being the age of the character. Or even just a distribution of net worth, divided into quintiles.

My trading alt has a net worth of 114 billion, with 106 billion in ISK or escrow and the rest in assets. That feels like a lot, but I really have no idea how that stacks up overall.


I have a mission running alt that has like a couple bill in unreprocessed crap, but I’m sure if I reprocess it it will lose significant value.

But I’d say the amount of time you play has more to do with your wealth than how old your char is.

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