Population distribution in EVE

Hi guys… Is there data in where capsuleers (mostly) reside? There is some old data I found but nothing recent.

@CCP_Larrikin ?


The in-game map shows statistical information as to players docked, jumps, player/pod/rat kills, etc that can give you an idea of where the activity is. DOTLAN provides similar metrics. CCP also regularly publishes economic reports so you can get an idea of player activity based on their indy/marketing pipeline, ship losses, etc.

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One key thing to note about all of this data is that it doesn’t account for alts. For example, if I have a nullsec main, a highsec industry alt, a hauler alt that moves between nullsec and highsec, and a dozen accounts worth of skill farming alts that never undock from the tutorial station that’s going to show up as an overwhelming majority of “highsec players” even though they’re all owned by a single player whose activity is primarily in nullsec.

Gate travel is often used to define how populated an area is and the monthly economic report shows where gate travel happens. It’s one of the bottom most graphs.

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An important corollary of this is that most null sec ‘mains’ are highsec renters, and subject to the laws and oversight of the New Order Mining Authority.

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Aiko doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she’s just a line member of CODE.

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When you distribute all characters like that, one important metric is how long each one is logged in. For example, the skill farming alts are unlikely to be logged in for more than a few minutes each day, while the null-sec main and high-sec industry alt are probably logged in the entire day. When you average this out over the entire population, the map’s statistical features actually give a fairly decent estimate of regional activity.

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Is this information available to the public?

I use my skill farming alts for highsec ganking.

I was talking about the in-game map feature that shows docked/in-space, etc. players. The actual numbers? I have no idea. But the OP can look at the map and be able to tell at a glance how the player base is spread out over the galaxy.

It’s downright sad just how underpopulated Minmatar space is.

Agreed, but you’re also a minority, and have a very marginal effect on the whole. Most skill farming alts are sitting in university stations in either Caldari or Amarr space (to be close to the TTT centers), and probably see less than 10 minutes of activity per week on average.

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I don’t think CCP has published the data since CCP Quant left. Most recent I know of:

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In game map has two options for you “characters docked in station” and “characters in space”.