Where are the players?

Hello all,

Several years ago I used to roam around wormholes/lowsec/nullsec with a few accounts cloaked looking for pvp content. I just came back to the game 5 months ago and now… there’s no one?

I’ll spend 2 hours in jspace, exhaust all the scanned chains and scan til I get tired – AND SEE NO ONE.
I’ll hop to lowsec or nullsec and if anyone is there, they just dock up once local n+1s.

I don’t see other roaming PvP fleets (thats the idea maybe, right? XD), I don’t see industrials out, I don’t see explorers, nada. Errr, this is kind of a problem — no?


Lot’s of places that aren’t EVE currently, for a whole host of reasons including (but not limited to):

  1. CCP chasing new players through features that have pissed off many vets. Vets have left, but the new features haven’t worked at keeping new players (only at churning them more)
  2. summer in the northern hemisphere
  3. Nullsec war has concentrated some players in a few regions
  4. Scarcity has reduced the reward, so no need to keep alts subbed and there is less reason to be in space for mains not involved in the War (which is also essentially over, except for the memes)
  5. Ganking. We always have to say ganking…just because it’s woke and PC
  6. More competition for peoples time and attention now than there was a decade ago through mobile gaming
  7. Erosion of features that only small percentages of players used, but just a few percent across several feature removals ends up adding up to noticeable numbers since the game isn’t as attractive to those players, or to new players that would have enjoyed those features

Arithmos Tyrannos had scared most of them away…

Where are the players? High Sec…


How long can ya run level 4 missions before they get boring? XD

Two years was most for me – and I cant believe I lasted that long.

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@CCP_Rattati happened to EVE…


That massive dip in player count is the end result of almost two years now of his constant nerfs.
But he is sure all those people will come back :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Many will come back… Once it is official, he has left CCP headquarters for the last time.

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The players are away playing different games that are actually fun, and not driven by fake events and trashy login screen rewards.

But it’s okay, I’m sure a few more open-world/sandbox gameplay nerfs will bring them right back.

Also, I give them a month or two before they turn off the player count feed. They’d be stupid not to.


We can’t help you. No one on this forums is actually playing the game.


Correct, being logged online (sitting in stations) is not playing the game.

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18,900 players logged in right now… It’s good, I don’t like it crowded anyways :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Snookered at; One “Dee” cue?

What do you mean? He has a long, successful career. Don’t worry about dust, or the loss of 10-15k daily players over the last 6 months. Everything is going according to plan.

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Is that the secret weapon for the big push?

And you won’t really NS has become very much like Serenity…


I would add a large swath of NS being largely blue to each other to go sit outside 1DQ (in Delve) for weeks and months on end.


CCP sold the franchise to a Korean company who are putting pressure on CCP’s management to grab subscribers in any way possible, even if it means killing the games soul little by little.

60% of the real playerbase left, ie 2011 and below.

Now only a handful of vets are left, and we have a rollover of new players that dont stick to the game more than a few weeks or a month.

Effectively any longterm sandbox elements of the game will either get nerfed or removed since no long term nor creative commitment gets made by its playerbase.

Eve turns into a Korean themepark mmo.

The glory days of Eve’s sandbox game are long gone.


I must be fake playerbase, since I didn’t come to eve until 2017.


Damn these noobs are so sensitive

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My friend and myself used to hang out in WH space for many hours.
Then CCP nerfed solo ISK farming in WH. [Missile Range Nerf / Lock Range Nerf]
So we stopped running anos.
Then a friendly group of WH dwellers evicted us, by using subcaps (dmg per shot increasing).
As a small WH corp, there was no way to fight back. So, we left WH space.
After roaming and jumping a few nullsec corps ["Oh look, a new bot- you do this and this and fly that ship but never ever use your brain] we left the game.

Eve online was about risk vs reward.
As a small gang player, once the reward did drop below the cost of the risk, the content is very dead.

So there you go. There are a few ways to still play the game: by ganking, by being a bot in Nullsec or by using your credit card.
Otherwise, get lost :wink: - which we did.

Nowadays, I like to brows the form and see eve sinking.