Porpoise changes

Looking at YOUR history you look a lot bite mate. Save the salt for yourself

Not if you are in HS. but try be locked in place like that in null…

Why would you be using a porpoise in null when you can use a Rorq or an Orca?

They are even worse! orca fly like a brick, even if not grounded good chance someone tackle you before you enter warp, and why use it anyway? Why buy orca for f… 1.8 bill if you can do almost the same with less than 100 mill? That’s where the orca sucks… about rorqs? They even worse, how much they cost now after Indy changes? 5 bill? 10 bill? 20 bill? add to that filaments and no, i never saw a rorq mining around now real often when I do.

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less ISK on grid, easier and faster to move, is more than enough to boost a small amount of miners (one mining alt in my case).

I too would like to have ice compression on my Porpoise, but I really do wonder what the point of flying the bigger and more expensive Orca and Rorqual is when the Porpoise can compress just as well (at reduced range).

I would think there should be benefits for shipping up to an Orca - is compression on Porpoises necessary?

The benefit in my opinion is better boosts, better drone mining yield, less hauling off ore thanks to the massively bigger hold. And now moon goo compression.

f you are flying a boosting ship without people to boost, you are very specifically and intentionally using the ship in a highly suboptimal way. This has generally been the case since forever, and is more specifically the case as CCP are trying to reduce some unintended (*citation needed) consequences of previous patches.

If you skilled up to do this for a very long time, and have no desire to alter your game play in any way shape or form to account for changes that are - broadly - seen as positive, then I’m sorry but it sucks to be you.

However, intentionally fitting yourself into an awkward corner that is restricted by boundaries of your own making is not necessarily the best way to get support or changes to the game. I admire people’s honesty, but… Jeez.

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Who are you talking to?

@Brisc_Rubal The Porpoise changes are a HUGE nerf! It was the last indy command ship that was not forced to use the indy core. The Porpoise is the ONLY sub capital indy command ship too.

Locking the Porpoise in place with the indy core and linking all the bonuses to the indy core is 100% BS!

I don’t know anyone that mines that asked for the Orca or Porpoise to be able to compress on grid. This just more garbage brought to Eve by the team that brought us CCP Rat’s New Economy!

The reasons to use a Porpoise over a Orca or Rorq in Null sec or just period.

  1. Cost of the Porpoise is very low as it is the ONLY sub capital indy command ship.
  2. The agility of the porpoise allowed to align quickly, warp quickly and move around at greater speed.

The Porpoise’s mining reduction boost is only 2-3% less then an Orca and about 12-13 less of Rorq. It comes down to mining amounts/time Vs isk on grid.

If you are Higgs mining, the Propoise is the only one with reasonable on-grid maneuverability to warp to anomaly and prop-mod-slow-boat your way to the starting point of the pre-aligned path you’d like.

I haven’t checked the numbers, so this is speculative: if the Porpoise’s non-indy-core boost numbers are adjusted downwards (as part of raising indy-core boost numbers), then this change would be a nerf for those who plan Higgs fit fleets. Because Higgs fit fleets will absolutely not run indy cores on a Porpoise.

No they are not. Nobody is forcing you to use the core.

Yes they literally are. The ship is useless without the dang thing now. Why would you even come here and write something this stupid?

If the Orca changes are any kind of metric to compare against, and the proposed numbers say they are, then the Porpoise isn’t going to require the core to be an effective booster. Drone mining was never supposed to be the primary function of either ship, they are meant as boosters first and foremost. And the Porpoise isn’t losing the base boosts that it already provides. The core only enhances the boosts and ramps up the drone bonuses. Source: I’m a high-sec miner who uses a cored Orca as a fleet booster every day without firing up the core under normal circumstances.

No it is not. Why would you even come here and write something this stupid?


The only difference I see is to drone mining amount and ice-mining cycle, because they are moving to the core. Otherwise, it’s the same. Is that such a huge change that they’re “useless?”

Yes CCP is forcing you use the core if you want to boost or mining or fly the Porpoise in any meaningful why!

The Porpoise hull is losing its role bonus to mining drone ore yield, and its Industrial Command Ship bonus to drone ice-mining cycle time is being halved from 10% per level to 5% per level. Instead, bonuses will be coming from the Medium Industrial Core itself.

Ignore me I’m an idiot.

And to give you my reasons. I fly in dangerous high traffic space (just the way I like it) I don’t have a blue donut around me.

The orca is by far too slow at everything to retain a reasonable amount of safety and for the relatively small upgrade to mining cycle boost you get it’s just not worth the massive increase in price and risk.

I dive into whs at least once a week. The porp is the perfect platform for this. Mobile enough to mitigate some of the inherent risks and large enough hold to make the endeavor worth while. All while being cheap enough that it doesn’t kill me to replace when I do get caught.

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