Porpoise Fuel Bay

My preferred boosting ship is the porpoise. It’s lower cost makes me much more willing to put it on field in risky situations.

But the fuel bay doesn’t last me very long, so I have to leave the dangerous area before I’d like to. This also makes it a bit harder to do prolonged mining ops with the vessel. If I don’t want to stuff my fleet hangar full of heavy water, then I can only have my Indy core running for 1 hour 40 minutes.

Could you (CCP) look into doubling the size of the fuel bay on the porpoise?

Also for greater utility, it would be pretty great to see the regular hangar grow to maybe 1500 m3 instead of 600 m3


If you can boost a fleet for an hour forty without interruption, sounds like your dangerous space is not all that dangerous.
In that case having someone run out a load of fuel in a cheap hauler or a blockade runner seems like an easy solution.

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That was the idea for the ship and to squeeze through frigate size wormholes to help your buddies get some ice.

Why don’t you turn on the core only for one cycle, then wait a bit and then turn it on another cycle?
That way, you can prolong the duration of the indy core. Does it have to be on the entire time?

Your buddies in the mining ships also have a hold, you have a normal hold and a fleet hangar. As you mine, you move fuel to you fuel hold, making space for other stuff… Use cans in those holds for
30% more storage…

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For its volume, HW is the worst of the yield increasing fuels. If you are using the compression modules as well, you can always just use fuel as you need to compress and not rely on Indy Core for boosing.

With level 5 Industrial Reconfiguration, the Medium Industrial Core I only takes 25 units of heavy water per cycle. Don’t use the tech 2 core unless you have a very good reason to be spending six times as much fuel per cycle.

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