Portuguese players

(Nunosh) #1


Any portuguese players out there in space ? (or docked lol)

Fly safe

(Expendable Unit) #2

There are plenty of them in Amarr militia last time I checked but that was like 2 years ago…
Love Portugal, it was crowned destination number 1 to go in 2017. Miss the food (queijo azeitao, robalo, bife lombo a molho natas, camarao das costa, etc). The girls very uptight tho, none of them was impressed when I told them I was a space ship pilot back in the days when I played Eve.

(Sweet Adamas) #3

Im a huge fan of Porugal, although if you want to see pretty girls you have to take them with you.

(Expendable Unit) #4

meh, if a girl has big boobs I’m in love already

(Nunosh) #5

Loooooool bad girls (and guys) are all over the world… but is weird to not see no other portuguese players (I only know my budy Arcanith Lionheart)

(hArD stRuKts) #6

yes I know 4 or 5 are you portuguese?

(Nunosh) #7

Yes I am :slight_smile:


(hArD stRuKts) #8

é sempre bom saber que a mais um tuga no espaço :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nunosh) #9

Já te enviei email XD

(Nunosh) #10

Just to make this alive… Still searching for more portuguese players around dodie for pve, indy, chatting

(Chrysaetus) #11

Drop evemail bro. Tuga here. 4 on our corp now.

(Tom Deal) #12

Viva Tugas,

A Lisnave está a recrutar players novos e maduros.

Consulta este post:

Lisnave Universidade

(Beast of Revelations) #13

parlez vous francais?

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