Portuguese players


Any portuguese players out there in space ? (or docked lol)

Fly safe

There are plenty of them in Amarr militia last time I checked but that was like 2 years ago…
Love Portugal, it was crowned destination number 1 to go in 2017. Miss the food (queijo azeitao, robalo, bife lombo a molho natas, camarao das costa, etc). The girls very uptight tho, none of them was impressed when I told them I was a space ship pilot back in the days when I played Eve.

Im a huge fan of Porugal, although if you want to see pretty girls you have to take them with you.

meh, if a girl has big boobs I’m in love already

Loooooool bad girls (and guys) are all over the world… but is weird to not see no other portuguese players (I only know my budy Arcanith Lionheart)

yes I know 4 or 5 are you portuguese?

Yes I am :slight_smile:


é sempre bom saber que a mais um tuga no espaço :stuck_out_tongue:

Já te enviei email XD

Just to make this alive… Still searching for more portuguese players around dodie for pve, indy, chatting

Drop evemail bro. Tuga here. 4 on our corp now.

Viva Tugas,

A Lisnave está a recrutar players novos e maduros.

Consulta este post:

Lisnave Universidade

parlez vous francais?

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