POS Structures


Oh dear me no


It fully repairs. IIRC, the hull timer might actually be a 30 minute countdown.

You don’t really have to clear the full grid. A minimum damage threshold has to be met to pause the timer, you can’t just plink at it with a civilian gatling laser to pause it.

They are defended quite often. Most complaints around structure combat actually focus more on the fact that people don’t attack them nearly often enough, as they’re rather a pain in the ass to kill.

Structure defenses are fairly significant force multipliers. Multiplying anything by zero is still zero. There is an expectation that if you want to keep your structure, you show up to defend it.

You should probably go engage in a structure fight or two. It seems like you’re largely hypothesizing, here.

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Fleet of atrons can be trivially cleared by either fleet of talwars or rlml caracals… can also do with spread around beam harbs as long as you got some logis… or maybe even rail thoraxes (your structures, you should have plenty of tacticals around it for grid dancing)

And outside of hisec you can also use guided bomb launchers and smartbombs…

Maybe I’m missing something here.

The old POS structures provided a good “force multiplier”.
12 guns + 8 ECM + 2 webs + 2 scrams.
That’s 24 weapons.
Three POS gunners with starbase defence at level 4 gave us 12 weapons.
We had more gunners but we really didn’t ever need to have more than 3 or 4.
The other weapons ran on autonomous and still fired even if no one was manually commanding them.

So I’m comparing this to the new Fortizar which seems to be what the old large size POS was equivalent to.

The Fortizar has only 3 launchers. No guns on structures at all any more. Missiles only.
3 extra high slots for " other stuff" that I’m not familiar with.
Smartbombs on a tower? Do these also damage your friendly fleet?
Guided bomb launchers? Are these counted as launchers?
5 mid slots? scram web ECM?
And the station has capacitor limits?

So where’s the advantage of a Fortizar versus our old POS?
So far all I see is a “cardboard box” that costs “more” and offers less of a “force multiplier”.

Dronebay on a station looks neat though. Where’s the details on this?
Do the drones launch automatically when the station is attacked or do they just sit idle as well?

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I suggest you do some research before complaining B is worse than A.

amen, pos were farm more flexible for anything, more able to defend themselves.

some time back i was solo killing citadels over by dodixie, it didnt take long as all for the actual killing

but 2 days for armor and a minminal 5 days for hull timer if you timed it right after its invul period AND you had to be back and applying more than 500 dps or the thing instaheals back to 100% and renews timers. Most of the time theres not even a need to defend the citadel because people get bored of waiting or they get caught up doing something else and miss the 15 min timer.

you also need multiple citadels if you plan to do anything like manufacturing if you want to minimize the losses and be more efficient and not just a place to dock

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