POS vs. Citadel

Returning player here. Ran a corp out of our deathstar POS, ironically called “The Citadel”, in a class 3 wormhole. It was here that I fell in love there with the very best aspect of EvE, the ability to strive forth and claim a little bit of New Eden for ourselves. And so it was that the tiny and insignificant system J125049, codenamed “Brightstar” became ours. Our POS purred for two years, unchallenged and undefeated, even tho our corp was a nothing bit a tiny band of randoms. We explored the connecting systems, constantly changing, getting isk and mostly getting killed in pretty much every battle, always outnumbered and outgunned, and mostly outclassed. :stuck_out_tongue: But regardless, we still had our home, our very own system, even tho we were nothing but an insignificant, tiny corporation.

This i believe is the true strength of wormhole space, a place where small corporations can claim space for themselves, even if its only a single system. I expressed back then my worry that, inevitably, wormhole space would slowly get taken over by larger and larger groups. Essentially, that it would slowly become less and less likely for all the little guys like us from surviving. Even then, I lived in constant fear that one day I’d have to wake up in the middle of the night, pass a ranting wife raging about the thing we need to do tomorrow (or whatever, she hates EvE), and man the guns against a fleet of rattlesnakes someone has been seeding into our space for days… :open_mouth: But it never happened. Why? I personally think it was because of two reasons:

A: we didn’t piss anyone off, and
B: a deathstar POS is a pain in the ass to take down.

Our POS was a beast, with like 6 of each ECM type, and gun’s galore, with even more offline redundancies. Plus we built a single carrier, our homefield capital advantage. But even then, it would have been as nothing to a determined attacker with the ships and pilots. As a tiny corp, we wouldn’t have stood a chance!

SO, I’m interested to hear from the people playing today out of Citadels in wormhole space, and especially those that also endured living out of POS structures. Would you say Citadels are an improvement? Are they harder or easier to take down compared to the deathstar POS’ of old?

Are small corporations living in wormhole space doomed to fail?


Structures are like wet paper bags. It’s created a huge market, for good and bad.
They litter space now, and need to be actively defended and have a gunner…pilot.
Pos imo were much better with passive defense or, having a few pos gunners made them nearly invincible.
It created a huge ransoming and rental system, perimeter and systems surrounding jita all pay steep fees to their respective landlords (Those with the most dps).
Also as it came with the inclusion of alpha clones, many new players wanted these shiny structures, hence beginning the aasault on newbros and alphas.
I knew one guy who spent $200US for a large complex…fortizar. He lost it and while not a large amount of money, the ease with which it was destroyed was not a good “bang for buck”.
There are no pluses to owning structures, perhaps small manufacturing and refining bonuses, which exist in the null and wh regions of space anyhow.
As long as pos’s are available, I say go with them.

Interesting, I hadn’t considered the implications of citadels for highsec space. I’d be interested to hear how they are having an effect.

Ask the large merc groups how many 100’s of bill have been made renting spots…
Rental of high sec space was at one time a fanciful joke. Now it is reality…erect one in high sec. See how long before you get a friendly convo…that slowly changes…:slight_smile:
Time tanking DOES NOT work for those dedicated to the removal of a structure, and owners will pay large amounts to keep them, as they hold some smaller corps/alliances together.
As for a wormhole…I would definitely go pos, it’s going to die if they want…but at least you can make it a pain for them.

for me, the investment doesnt seem worth it unless you have a small gang of well skill pilots that are availble at the time your citadel is under attack. with the implementation of timers and all… ccp tried to stretch out the capacity to bring pvp content to those that use them. i am well aware that this unwanted attention is not desirable for all that play eve. i wish ccp would leave pos’s in the game still, idk what issue there is with them, i never researched that topic. but for qucik temp deployment for safety - the pos is all i would need. for a corp of mates and all, a citadel is definitely the way to go.

I live in a WH and I much prefer Citadels to living, mostly people cant be bothered bashing structures. I have lived in several with small Corps in WH space and never had one be touched let alone reinforced.

Same thing sort of goes for POSes, if people want them removed no matter how many Guns or ECM you its coming down. a few Drone ships and remote ECCM logi and you re OK, hell if you kill the webs first you can speed tank a POS in a shuttle.

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