Moving to Wormhole Space

Hello. I have started planning a move into Wormhole Space after deciding that High Sec/Low sec are just too much hassle.

My question is, are POS (death stars) still in use in W-space? I was thinking a POS would offer better protection even if it has less functionality than it did. Upwell structures are passive in nature and need a player present to shoot their guns where a POS will lock up and attack anyone getting too close.

We are not big at the moment and their will be times when no one will be online, so it makes since to me to start off with a POS until we have more members. What do you think?


If you are worried about eviction, neither a medium citadel nor a POS you anchor in an empty wormhole are likely to attract much attention unless you neglect to fuel it. Citadels are FAR better in terms of QoL.

In terms of defense, the tedium of taking down your structure for little reward is your first defense against bigger groups. However the reinforcement mechanics are much better for citadels since you get 2 timers and can at least control the time of day the timer will come out.

The next big defensive advantage from these structures is strong ewar options. Both citadels and POSes can be fit with effective ewar, but an Astrahus is generally more defensible unless you are planning to get a large faction POS.

Finally, a bit of advice for moving to wh space is to day trip a bit first to get comfortable. Picking the right system for your group based on class and statics is important for providing suitable content. I usually recommend C2-C3/HS for new wh groups getting started.

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POSes are still used in w-spaces, especially in high class w-spaces like C5 or C6. The reason is that they provides quick and inexpensive solution for the capital storage. Generally L or XL size upwell structures ( typically fortizars in j-spaces ) are required to store capital ships. However they are expensive and takes a day to be anchored. They cost at least 10+B.
POSes are quite inexpensive compared to fortizars and can be deployed within few hours.

It really totally depends on the class you’ll live and what you demand for the structures after all.
Basically POSes consume considerable amount of fuels compared to citadels. Large POS devours fuel blocks worth 500 millions ISK and occupies of 140k m^3, the 3 round trip of DST for each month.
Medium and Small POSs fuel consumptions are much less than Large one though, you can fit much less modules too. Medium POS monthly consumption is 250M ISK and small is around 120M ISK.
Probably small POS can hardly fit any modules, only SMA and with no guns. And you can never swap pods in POS, which can be a pretty big deal nowadays.

Of course POSes themselves have much advantage for the defense since POS bash is painful very much, especially in low class wormholes. Please not that you may take an advantage of auto-defensive weapons with large POS only and those POS guns are dumb in auto firing mode.

Basically POSes are useful in situation of short-term living life or eviction offenders in low class wormhole. Other than that, M size upwell structures may superior. They requires more initial cost than POS though.

So the point you have to consider is

  1. Can you afford the initial invest for the upwell structures ( generally up to 3 Billions ISK for large, up to 20B ISK for the X-Large )
  2. Can you afford 500m, 250m or 120m ISK of helium fuel blocks for each month for POS.
  3. Can you put up with the life in glass building, anyone else in system can watch you while you’re in POS.
  4. Do you need clone bay.

Just FYI, I was living in the C2 with Large POS few years ago, with handful members. That fuel expense was for sure painful.

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We now have citadels. They are usually used for wh now.

Have you thought about joining a WH corporation which could teach you a lot?

For someone solo that has " 1 omega(30mill+sp) alt and lest say about 6+ alpha alts for WH" who live about two months in a c1 WH out in space "with no citadel or POS experience yet "back in 2019 before the increase in WH connection what other WH would you recommend ?
What WH would be best to avoid ?
What about living in space in a Shattered Wormholes ?
Would a Medium POS be ok to live out of in a c3 or would you need a large to reduce the chance of someone wanting to take it from you?

A lot of us use PoS to dock our capitals since fortizar are pricey for solo or small gang play

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